Are you programming the same four or five drills for all of your players and they're not all getting the same results? Have you noticed certain drills help some players and make others worse?

Better yet - have you considered your players might have the best ideas for drills but they haven't gotten a chance to show you because you've been constraining their creativity?
Over the past four months, our players have been working relentlessly over Zoom to get the best results despite the constraints of remote training.

Facing limited training space, tools, and access to in person coaching, our players decided to double down, use their imagination to their advantage, and create some of the best drills they've ever used.

We didn't tell them what to do or what to use. Instead, we gave them the framework for what they needed to create and let them explore within those bounds. 
One of our athletes Karson using a waterbag variation he created on his own
At 108 Performance, we don't believe that four or five drills are the key to your success. It's not about the drill. Instead, we believe that everything works and everything sucks - it all depends on the movement created.

If you're using the same drills and you're not getting results, it's not a bad idea to hand over some autonomy and let kids try to find something that works best for them.

We've used hundreds of variations of drills and experimented with just about any implement you could imagine. Some of the best drills we've ever come up with didn't come from us - they came from our players.

If your goal is to build problem solvers, you need to start letting kids solve some of their own. The best coaches make themselves less visible over time, but you can't do this if you're constantly in the picture.

So a thought for you: Are you allowing and encouraging your players to use their creativity? 
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