We've heard about the dominance of Jacob deGrom, Shane Bieber and Yu Darvish so far this season, but have you heard about Yusei Kikuchi?

If you haven't, you need to check him out. He's been doing a lot of this lately:👇
Yeah, this plays (from 108 Gif Library)
You know that decel thing we always talk about? This is what it looks like.🔥

Kikuchi has been stopping like an absolute menace this year which has played a big role in the 2.7 mph increase he's seen on his fastball. He's getting to better positions, moving more efficiently through them, and it's helping him have his best statistical season to data on numerous fronts.

Here's the catch: Through five starts this season, Kikuchi owns an abysmal 6.12 ERA.

The left hander might not be doing a better job of preventing runs, but just looking at his ERA doesn't quite tell the entire story. He's been performing a lot better than his ERA might make you think.🤔
Check out the full article below to see:⬇️
  • Why Kikuchi is decelerating much better this season and how it's helping him throw fuel
  • What he's doing with his back foot that might be creating some really good moves
  • Why Kikuchi's FIP gives us a better representation of his true value as opposed to ERA
  • Why we might need to rethink how we evaluate pitchers using ERA
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