If you've been following along with the NBA Playoffs, you've seen just how good Luka Doncic and James Harden are at using their signature step back to create space and get their best shot off.

Now think about this - have you ever thought that the same things that make Doncic and Harden so good are the same things that make MLB players like Mike Trout, Nolan Arenado, and Jacob deGrom so good as well?

In a recent article, Dr. Marcus Elliot of P3 explained how when he tested both Harden and Doncic in their lab, they found both athletes tested significantly better than their peers in a specific category: They stop better than anyone else.

"People once would have defined Harden as somebody who just has this super-high basketball IQ," said Elliott. "Maybe he does. But he also has a better stopping or braking system than anybody we've ever assessed in the NBA."

This braking system is the same exact thing that makes baseball players like Trout and deGrom so special. They're able to make throwing gas and hitting bombs look so effortless because they're able to stop better than anyone else.🔥

DeGrom showing off an easy 99

If you're trying to go fast and you're just focusing on how to build the engine, you're missing the boat. How well you stop determines how fast you go.

If you've been neglecting your brakes and you need some ideas how to get them in shape, we can help you:👇

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