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Mon. August 8 & 22, September 5 - Copwatch General Meeting. 7pm @ Grassroots House, 2022 Blake St., Berkeley.

Mon. August 15 & 29 - Justice 4 Kayla Moore Organizing Meeting. Newcomers welcome! 7pm @ Grassroots House, 2022 Blake St., Berkeley.

Mon. August 15 - National Call for a State Of Emergency/Moratorium on all PoLice Use of Force. Press conference hosted by POOR Magazine to call for a 90-day period of disarming the police and exploring alternative community-based solutions. 1pm @ the Mission Police Station, 17th & Valencia, San Francisco. See the Facebook event page for details.

Fri. September 9 - Statewide Mobilization to Shut Down Urban Shield. Join organizers from across California to Shut down the Urban Shield weapons expo in Pleasanton. Visit for details.

Poster-making at the Justice 4 Kayla Moore Art Party, 7/16. Photograph: Paul Kealoha-Blake
Stencil-making at the Justice 4 Kayla Moore Art Party, 7/16. Photograph: Paul Kealoha-Blake

Endorse the Demands! Justice 4 Kayla Moore

We need your voice!

The Moore family’s fall 2016 court date is fast approaching! Sign up here to receive an announcement when the court date is officially assigned. In the meantime, the Justice 4 Kayla campaign has outlined four demands for the City of Berkeley, the BPD and the broader community:

  • Justice for Kayla Moore! Honor her memory, tell her story, #SayHerName.
  • Hold the City of Berkeley and Berkeley police accountable for killing Kayla Moore.
  • Police must not be first responders to mental health crises.
  • End the BPD’s violent attacks, criminalization and profiling of people who are Black, Brown, disabled and/or trans.

Please read, share and endorse the full text of the demands HERE. Are you part of a community group that wants to become an organizational endorser? Endorse the demands using the same online form and we’ll contact you with more info.

We won’t let Berkeley, the Bay Area and the world beyond forget Kayla!

Other ways to get plugged in:
  • Email updates: sign up HERE
  • Facebook: "Like" the Justice 4 Kayla Moore Facebook Page
  • Check out our website:
  • Come to a meeting! We meet every other Monday at 7pm at the Grassroots House in Berkeley, located at 2022 Blake Street (near Shattuck). Next meetings are Aug.15, Aug. 29, Sept. 12. You may contact us at 510-224-5950 or All are welcome.

Copwatch DeCal Class

The Copwatch DeCal class, called Community Based Police Accountability, is back again for the Fall 2016 semester. DeCals are 1-2 unit courses at UC Berkeley that are run and taught by students. Peyton Provenzano and Emma Fogel will be co-facilitating the class for their third time this semester. Through a combination of presentations by activists in the alternative justice movement, copwatching directly and other methods, students will gain first hand knowledge about the realities of modern policing. Students will be trained in basic criminal procedure, power analysis, techniques for observing police activity and avenues for reporting abuses. Other topics covered include history of police, mental health, militarization and police repression of activist movements. Class is open to the public; an update with the exact time and location of the class will be coming soon!
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In order to achieve our goals this year, we need some stuff! We're looking for a new police scanner and a new computer, as well as the funds to help print materials and revamp our website. Or, if you would like to donate some money to our general fund, that would be amazing too! Berkeley Copwatch is an all volunteer organization that is supported by the community. If you have any leads, or would like to donate, please email us.
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Grassroots House
2022 Blake Street
Berkeley, CA  94704
(510) 548-0425
Please send the exact text of your submission to with “CW News [month/year]” in the subject line. Your submission should include a title to be listed in the table of contents. The deadline for submission is 8 p.m. on the 25th of each month. I cannot send attachments, so please include an email address for those, if needed. Please specify if you would like your submission to run multiple times and provide an end date.