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The Timeline allows you to move through events of the night of Dec 6th and make your own conclusions.

People's Investigation into the Dec. 6th #BlackLivesMatter Protests is Released


BPD Officers and Brass who Attacked Protesters Must Be Held To Account For Their Actions and Decisions


City Council Meeting:
December 1st at 7pm
Old City Council Chambers (2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way)

It has been almost a year since the days of outrage and protest against the failure to hold police accountable for the murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Many Berkeley residents remember the marches, the police aggression, the beatings and the mass gassings. Sadly, the Berkeley City Council is set to end this shameful chapter in Berkeley’s history by voting on whether to adopt the policy reforms proposed by the Berkeley Police and the Berkeley Police Review Commission, but none of the cops who senselessly beat people with their clubs, shot people running away with munitions and gassed hundreds of innocent students and neighbors will be held accountable. Nor, it seems, will the BPD leadership be disciplined for their part in creating the conditions that lead to these abuses and escalated a peaceful protest into a police riot.

Berkeley Copwatch has worked over the past year to gather primary documents, videos, pictures and accounts of what happened on the night of December 6, 2014. We believe that instead of making our community safer, they were THE MOST DANGEROUS element on the streets that night. We invite you to look over our account of what happened that night and then ask yourself: Did police make our city more or less safe? If they injured people unnecessarily, what assurance do we have that this will not happen again?

On December 1st at 7pm in the Old City Council Chambers (2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way) the council will receive the report of the PRC. While it contains many worthwhile reforms, we don’t believe that it has resolved the most important point: cops who brutalize members of our community MUST be discipline and LEADERS who authorize this kind of violence must also be held accountable and told that this is wrong. Contact your city council representative.

Here are some of the images from that night. You decide if the BPD's report and conclusions are appropriate.

You can always contact Berkeley Copwatch at:
Berkeley Copwatch Office/Grassroots House
2022 Blake Street
Berkeley, CA. 94704
(510) 548-0425
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