Berkeley Actions In Solidarity w/ Homeless People: Nov 16th & 17th Old City Hall - 2134 Martin Luther King Way
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Rally Against New Anti-Homeless Laws

Monday Nov 16th
6:00 am: Prayer Circle and Fasting 
11:00 am: Press Conference 
6:00 pm: Sing out/Rally for Justice and Human Rights

Tuesday Nov 17th
6:00 pm Rally and speak out before City Council

Old City Hall (events at 2134 Martin Luther King Way)

This Tuesday, Mayor Bates and Council members Maio, Droste, and Capitelli are proposing, for the nth time in 25 years, to add new status offenses to the docket. These new “crimes" will result in fines and jail time. While the City cannot explicitly ban poor people or homelessness, it will outlaw actions that are symptomatic of these conditions, such as owning more than two square feet of belongings and having nowhere to store them.
Do not be confused by the sugar-coating of the bill with amenities. More bathrooms and storage lockers are services that should have been instituted years ago. This bill means a road deeper into poverty, a criminal record, and a bolstering of mass incarceration. For Berkeley, it means accelerating ethnic and social cleansing and the death of diversity. 
The homeless are largely Black and Latino. City leaders should be ashamed of pursuing this right-wing agenda at a high tide of national consciousness about the value of Black life.  

LINK TO AGENDA: Check Items 27 and 28 and the exact wording

To send a communication to the Mayor and all members of the City Council, please email:

Dear City Council,

We don’t need a “two square foot” rule for personal belongings.
It makes our community look silly, and makes it harder to get grant funding.

The Department of Justice and Housing and Urban Development oppose criminalization and prioritize grants which stop criminalizing unavoidable human conditions. They state such laws are unconstitutional.

Shuffling people from place to place is ineffective and inhumane. We need low income housing, not luxury housing, and we save money with practical solutions.

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