Ecosource Quarterly, April 2014, First Edition
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Region of Peel
Ontario Trillium Foundation
Greenbelt Fund
City of Mississauga
Ontario Sports and
    Recreation Community
TD Friends of the
    Environment Fund
UPS Foundation
Peterborough K.M. Hunter
Ontario Teachers
    Insurance Plan
Heart and Stroke Foundation
Green Communities
    Canada’s Depave
Mountain Equipment Co-Op
St. James Catholic Global
    Learning Centre
Krysta Do Vole
Bruce Elmore
Sabu Mehta
Sue Lawton
Cindy McDonald
Cynthia Horvath
...and special thanks to our featured donor:
Lee-Anne Bigwood.

Lee-Anne Bigwood joined our Board of Directors in 2013. Lee-Anne was instrumental in making the Green Change Champions Awards Ceremony 2013 a success! You may have seen her when she took to the stage during our December 2013 Green Change Champions Awards Night as the event’s emcee. She continues to give support, time, and skill to Ecosource as one of our valued Board Directors throughout the rest of the year.

Not only does Lee-Anne volunteer her time and expertise to Ecosource, she also joined our Seeds of Care Monthly Donor program to contribute to Ecosource programs every month. Lee-Anne truly is a friend of Ecosource and her unwavering support of our programs and our mission inspires us to keep working on shaping a healthier, greener, smarter community!

Thank you, Lee-Anne!

You too, can sow the seeds of care.
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A Year in Review: Ecosource Annual Report

The Ecosource Annual Report is now available online. 2013-2014 has been an eventful program year! We engaged community members, school staff and students in gardens, in parks, in classrooms, in auditoriums, and everywhere in between in education and action.

Watch our video, read the testimonials from our lovely program participants, and see how your support helped community members unite and make a more sustainable community.

To request physical copies of our Annual Report, email

Visit the annual report online at


Healthy Bodies, Healthy Environments Rooted in Play

How can you instill in your child and family the need to preserve our natural resources and get active nature? Start with exploring, playing, and learning about gardens together!

Studies have shown that green spaces improve people’s health and well-being (click here). There is something revitalizing and visceral about the great outdoors: the fresh air, the beauty, and the activity that it encourages. Together, these shape a healthier you, and by exploring outside at the Ecosource community gardens, you can shape a healthier environment, too!

Rediscover outdoor play and learn about healthy bodies and healthy ecosystems at community gardens across Mississauga. This summer, we offer a new initiative to get families and children moving: ReRooted in Play!

What activities can you expect in the gardens?
  • Replicate the flight of pollinators with Hawthorn Hurdles;
  • Hop, step, and jump in the Bird’s Foot Triple Jump Challenge;
  • Dig your hands in the soil where the vegetables grow; and
  • So much more!
Parents and guardians, exercise alongside your children! Have fun this summer while learning about the green world around you.

See to find a community garden near you, and pick a date. Email Britt McKee at for more information.

Peel Schools Lay Waste to Waste!

The 2013-2014 school year saw more than 40,000 engaged staff and students, a multitude of enthusiastic waste reduction initiatives in schools, and significant percentages of waste reduced across schools in the Peel Region through Ecosource's waste reduction programming.

The Green Schools and WasteWatchers School programs helped re-shape whole school cultures relating to waste management through campaigns that support schools to reduce waste produced, and our educational workshops encouraged students and staff are to think critically about the resources that go into everyday products that we toss away.


By the end of June 2014:
  • Students and staff packed 11,614 wasteless lunches.
  • Raised awareness o
  • Overall school waste was reduced by an average of 29%. In fact, one of our WasteWatchers schools reduced their total waste by a whopping 59%!
These phenomenal numbers prove that, indeed, education translates to action!

We're calling on you to show your support of our waste reduction initiatives by showing off your own waste reduction efforts. Take a selfie and tell the world about your waste reduction efforts on social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) with the hashtag #iREDUCE.
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A Budding Idea

“A Budding Idea” was written by Castlebridge Public School teachers David Markus and Shamima Basrai as a part of the York University-Ecosource Teacher Education course and appears in the Narrative of Change: Stories about collaboration, education, and whole-school approaches to sustainability.  

There are one or two things in this world that are irrefutable.

Let’s make a list!

1) A cold glass of water on a hot summer day
2) Laughter
3) Light breeze
4) (Interactive moment – add your own):

To this list, we would add: GARDEN! Yes, that’s right, a garden is irrefutable. Which brings us to the point where we must define “irrefutable”. By this we mean “merit beyond question, joy emits, body and soul are nourished... love is born”. By these self-designed standards, we challenge anyone to find fault with a garden. We can’t.

And so, our story begins.

Our garden idea is a happy confluence of a number of timely events and occurrences that have landed gingerly in our schoolyard at Castlebridge Public School. To begin, it must certainly be noted that we have had, and continue to have, a long-standing gardening club that cares lovingly for the plants and shrubs at the front of our school. Our school also houses a number of teachers who feel that teaching should extend beyond the classroom, and that children spend far too much time indoors as it is. Equally, there has been a growing interest in improving the dietary habits of our students (and ourselves for that matter). Castlebridge is also blessed with a willing custodian who maintains an ongoing interest in our green-coloured vexations, which is something that is rather indispensible, as we have come to learn. We must also add that our parent community has bent their ear in our direction and have been optimistically supportive. And finally, as chance would have it, we have been granted the gift of two – not just one – administrators who have been supportive, caring and involved. With all this “GreenLove” shovelling goodness upon our garden, how could we not help but succeed. And, despite a few pebbles in the soil, we are breaking ground on the Outdoor Learning Garden at Castlebridge Public School.

Here’s how!
Read more »

Read the full story in A Narrative of Change: Stories about collaboration, education, and whole-school approaches to sustainability. Request or download a copy online at

This project, championed by its enthusiastic writers, was initiated through the York University-Ecosource Teacher Education Certificate Course in 2013. In the Spring of 2014, the Castlebridge Public School garden grew into a joint project between the school and Ecosource; we provide the Castlebridge Garden Friends Club support, knowledge and skills training to maintain the garden.

With support from the City of Mississauga, Ecosource works with Castlebridge and other interested schools, residents, and communities to establish support and animate vibrant food growing spaces across the city.

Join the Castlebridge Public School Garden Club Workshop Series and learn all about organic food growing.

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