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Episode 036
How To Self Soothe To Reduce Stress & Increase Self-Confidence


Katy was a successful securities lawyer for over 14 years working at the SEC and on Capital Hill, where she received accolades for her work. Her demanding job and strong focus in global corporate work showed Katy that unlocking human potential is key for people to live their best lives and excel personally and professionally. She used this wisdom to reinvent her life and develop a road map for others to reduce stress and increase self-confidence.

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" are loved and you matter..."

What you'll learn in today's episode:

  1.  Discover the link between stress and self-confidence
  2.  How to reduce stress
  3.  How to gain and increase your self-confidence 
  4.  Self-soothing tools to start implementing today

Tips on how you can begin self-soothing today:
  1. Ask yourself: Am I willing?
  2. Decide for yourself. Know that you have a choice
  3. Connect with others
  4. Find your support - know that you don't have to it alone
  5. Utilize other people's stories as tools to help you

Transformational Quotes:
  • "...wake up calls are tremendously important..."
  • "it always seems like it's really tough when you're going through it but...the [process] of reinvention is always ongoing..."
  • "'s like the universe brings me to my knees because here in my meditation [it's like the universe is saying] 'You're not listening, so we're going to make this really clear for you and we're going to make it...very uncomfortable for you'. So you hear [that] and you shift and you do something for yourself because you must"
  • "...self-awareness was my first step...and also, becoming comfortable with discomfort..."
  • "...if I'm not growing, I'm dying and those are the two choices I have. Either one is fine, it depends on what you choose, frankly...everyone has a choice."
  • "...the combination of being willing to be uncomfortable and knowing I have a choice is very empowering...[the gift] is allowing people to discover [this] for themselves..."
  • "...when we're vulnerable... and when I share... [it's allowing] somebody else to not feel so isolated and alone and know that they're going [to get] through this..."
  • "...I can't force anyone [to self soothe], but I can go first [and lead by example]..."
  • "...Out of the shame and the blame the guilt [tell yourself] 'I'm worthy of self soothing because I do want to reduce my stress [and] because I do want to increase my self confidence'. So then then you can actually start looking at... 'Where in my life can I can I offer myself [more love]?... [So I slow down and go through my personal story, I call it People's Personal Connection Stories is what I've trade market [it] as, and [asking people to go] through their life and seeing where they didn't feel worthy..."
  • "...[the starting place with self soothing] [is] not denying it [the Ego / the inner critic] It's not falsifying it, it's just accepting it and offering love to it..."
  • "... 'It's a choice I make to carry [this] weight' ... and 'I don't need to protect myself from the world' [are] very self soothing thoughts"
  • "...we don't want to find out what we don't want to find out because it's so much easier to go through the old patterns because at least it's comfortable and it's safe. But that's really the [Ego / Inner Critic's] way of fooling us [because] we're not really safe..."

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