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Politics and Pittsburgh

Before you jump to conclusions about what you are about to read, let me assure you that this is personal, not political. This year's mid-term election is as stressful as any I can remember. While our current political landscape has led to many difficult but perhaps needed conversations, it has also caused too many problems between parties, friends and even family members.  Rather than allowing politics to upend our most important relationships, we need to ask ourselves, “Are there more constructive ways to handle these types of situations? Do I value my political opinion more than my relationships?”

Decisions about where you sit in terms of political issues, parties and individual candidates leads me to a discussion about whether and when to publicly stand up for what you believe.

The recent anti-Semitic murders in Pittsburgh have opened up wounds, not just for me, a Jewish women, but the rest of the Jewish community and this country. I caught myself wondering why I hadn't spoken up yet about the worst act of antisemitism that has happened on U.S. soil, EVER! Especially when it hits so close to home for me. “What could I possibly add that would be new or different?"  But after being inspired by a letter written by University of Tampa student Juliette Poulin, I believed this is one of those times that a stand is critical.

In this week's blog posts, "
Election Tension: When Families Flare Up with Politics” and "Taking a Stand: My Personal Thoughts on the Tree of Life Synagogue Attack", I offer some insight and suggestions on how to make it through this political season and give my very raw thoughts on the recent Tree of Life Synagogue attacks.

With politics becoming ugly and tragic incidents like the one we saw at Tree of Life happening more and more, it can be hard to find the positive and deal with so many overwhelming emotions. Rice Psychology Group can help guide you in finding common ground with those closest to you in an effective way, as well as provide the guidance and encouragement needed to express or deal with negative emotions you may be experiencing. If you would like to talk with us, please feel free to reach out to our licensed mental health counselors and psychologists in Tampa today.

*Rice Psychology Group would like to extend our hearts to Pittsburgh and the Jewish community. May those we lost be remembered always!

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