Attention & Organization Play Crucial Roles
Executive functioning is something we’re very familiar with, and our team of psychologists will do its best to help your child handle their academics. 
Good Morning;

If you have might know the feeling of rushing home from work, starting dinner only to be sidelined by helping your child with his or her homework. Does this scenario sound at all familiar?

"My older son’s brain allows him to play high school baseball, stay on top of 2 AP classes, juggle daily homework, tests and projects from his other 5 classes, and even manage his few chores at home.  My younger son, on the other hand, struggles with his regular level classes in terms of both the actual learning as well as keeping track of his homework, remembering to hand it in (if he completes it), figuring out what he needs to study and making sure he has what he needs with him at any given time.  I seriously think that if his head wasn’t attached….well, you know. When I was in high school, things were much different and nowhere near as tough. Nowadays, I honestly don’t know how so many kids make it all four years without pulling their hair out or giving up altogether."

This week I want I wanted to share more about Executive Functioning Skills - specifically 'Attention and Organization.' Both of these skills are critical in helping your kids succeed in school and life - Click over the blog this week to learn more!

Best wishes for a great rest of the week!

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