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So, it seems that our country is going through a cold patch right now – I mean in terms of actual weather.
That seems fitting with Thanksgiving approaching and those of us in the Southern states are grateful for some relief from the heat and the cooler weather actually makes it seem like we have seasons! 

We are also knee deep in another season. The one where our high school seniors are completing college applications and anxiously awaiting word from the ever elusive college admissions offices, to find out where they may spend the next 4 years of their lives. 

At Rice Psychology Group, and in our own personal lives, we encounter many families who are grappling with the question of whether their high school senior is ready to embark on the college path and is grown up enough to handle living away from home. 

This week’s blog, written by our own Dr. Megan Sutsko, explores this very question. 

I've heard every side of the argument from parents who encourage their kids to go to school overseas to those who have offered their child a salary if they would attend the college nearby and continue to live at home.

I’m curious. What are your thoughts? Scroll down, read the post then share your insight in the comments. We would love to hear from you!


Loosening the Ties for College

There are significant moments in a child’s development that elicit both joy and anxiety for parents. These moments remind us of the unstoppable truth that, from the instant a child is brought into the world, they are moving away from their parents and towards independence; first steps, first day of school, graduations, learning to drive, moving out for college, and of course, getting married and one day having children of their own.

In my work with teens, young adults, and families, it has become apparent that ...

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What's Happening at Rice Psychology

Tomorrow is the Great American Teach-In and Dr. Megan Sutsko is off to share about her career as a psychologist with students at Westchase Elementary.  This is the 7th year that Rice Psychology Group has participated in this life-changing event and we are honored to continue the tradition. 

Tonight, Dr. Wendy Rice will be speaking at a Tampa Bay eWomen Network event to other female business owners about memory and organization. She will share some life-changing tidbits about executive functioning and how making some minor tweaks can have major effects.

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