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Father's DayEven though father’s day was last Sunday, I felt that it was important to spend some time thinking about the role of fathers in our lives.
Mary Ann, a much valued member of Rice Psychology’s administrative team, wrote a beautiful piece about fathers and I want to share it with you this week.
Although my father is no longer with me, I still remember sitting with him at the piano singing “On Top of the World” and as he would say “shushing” down the slopes on our many skiing weekends. I have great memories of sharing music, Thanksgiving dinners, cozy weekend mornings in front of a fire and lots of time in the car together. I think my love of coffee, and especially Dunkin' Donuts, is directly attributable to my dad, even though I never quite got on the Sweet-n-Low bandwagon.

My guess is that you probably have something in your their life that you can attribute to your dad or to the father figures in your life. Am I right?

As we mature, our perspective on Father’s Day changes. We shift from seeing our dad’s as all knowing and powerful, to human beings with strengths and flaws. We typically develop more empathy and understanding of what it might have been like to be a father. 

Mary Ann’s story is so meaningful because just like our appreciation for our parents, it is timeless. It doesn’t really matter what day it is when we consider the impact our parents have on our lives and wish to express gratitude for that.
Have a wonderful rest of your week,

Father's Day Observations

Is Father’s Day a time to just buy another greeting card or a time to think about what Dad means to you?

I have observed Fathers for close to 60 years. From my own father, to those of my cousins, classmates, students, friends, and especially the one who helped me raise my own kids. I am pretty sure I have personally seen the full range of the worst (those who deny, abuse or abandon) to the...

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Debunking the Handwriting Myth

Normally in this section of our newsletter I share a video that debunks a myth.

This week I don't have a video, but I definitely have a myth for debunking...The myth that handwriting is no longer important.

As technology takes over more and more of our lives, it seems that handwriting is becoming a lost "art". Unfortunately, according to an article I recently read in the New York Times, it seems that there's a chance this is actually hurting our ability to learn and retain information.

Give it a read then, click here and head over to our Facebook Page to let me know what your thoughts are.

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