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Good Afternoon;

Do you ever talk to yourself? Even out loud sometimes? I certainly do! And don't worry this isn't a trick question.  We all talk to ourselves.  It's normal, helpful and part of the "human condition". 

I talk to myself to keep myself on track and to remember what I've got to do. When I ride, I tell myself to keep my hands close to Casper's neck and to keep my shoulders back. I try to be encouraging but still sometimes fall into the trap of using harsh words of criticism or what I would call negative self-talk. An example of this would be when you say..."I look horrible and I'm so heavy I can't even fit into my clothes." Statements like this only serve to make you feel bad about yourself. 

But when you change the negative self-talk into something more positive or constructive it isn't destructive and can give you a starting point to make changes. Instead, say..."Let me find something that fits me today and figure out how to get back on track at the gym." Statements like these help motivate you to set goals. 

This week I wanted to share some tips about turning that negative self-talk into real actionable goals. Not sure how to get started? Take a look at the blog post-
 'Change Your Negative Self-Talk into Positive Reinforcement by Celebrating Your Successes.'

And by all means, when you hit those milestones and goals - celebrate those successes!

Warm Regards!

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