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Have you ever started a project or hobby with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm, then a few days or weeks into it you can barely muster the energy to keep it going? I bet just about everyone can relate. Getting motivated isn't very hard, it's staying motivated that requires work. Luckily, there are ways you can help yourself to keep the energy going and see a project through to the end, some of which are discussed in my newest blog, linked below. 

On another note, have you heard the buzzword "mindfulness" going around lately? It's been mentioned on the news, in celebrity magazines and definitely within the halls of mental health professionals' offices. We have all heard the saying "be mindful of others" but the type of mindfulness I am talking about is designed to first benefit the individual, then the positivity that comes from that can spread to others. Not sure what I'm talking about? One of my newest colleagues, Dr. Amanda Schwait, wrote a fantastic blog on the importance of being mindful and included some great tips on how to get started. Feel free to read it by clicking below.



Understanding Motivation as a Driving Force
The Importance of Being Mindful


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