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October 2016
Volume IV, Issue #2
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Oh, and please read it with your children!

Korey's Corner

     October (almost November)! My favorite time of year. The weather is changing, the leaves are full of color and your children are completely and utterly settled into their routine and their amazing progress. My crazy schedule lightens and I get to enjoy some artwork with the students. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching an impressive game of Gaga the other day when our primary and kindergarten kids “kicked butt”! They have that game down! Of course equally fun to watch Coach Sam and Tori get in on the action! Guess I will have to brush up on the game, myself. Or spectating might be safer….. :))

     Meanwhile we look forward to our upcoming Jog-a-thon where the children will learn the value of hard work to benefit others. This year we are raising money for Big Brothers, Big Sisters via must! charities. How perfect to watch the big buddies and little buddies practicing their jogging together! Our Jog-a-thon is Friday, November 18th at 10:30 am.

     I know our winery families are crazy busy right now so I wish them a successful harvest. For all of you, I hope you can find the time to take an Autumn walk with your kids and breathe in the beautiful fall air. Or perhaps take them out for a little jog??? :)

     See you soon and thank you all, as always, for being here!


John Alden from J.A Photography, will be taking individual portraits as well as class/group pictures. J.A Photography has been photographing Children's House students for over 25 years. Envelopes will be placed in your Parent Cubby soon. Watch for them!


John will be spending two days at Children's House. On Monday, he will shoot individual portraits for the Monday/Wednesday toddlers, the Monday thru Friday toddlers, all preschool children, all kindergarten children and all siblings for the groups listed above, regardless of class, (and only if siblings have a separate envelope). In the spring, we photograph every child. In the Fall, we photograph every child who has returned an envelope. If you would like siblings to be photographed, you must fill out and return a separate envelope for siblings.

On Tuesday, John will shoot individual portraits for the Tuesday/Thursday/Friday toddlers, and all elementary students. and all siblings for the groups listed above, regardless of class, (and if siblings have a separate envelope). In the spring, we photograph every child. In the Fall, we photograph every child who has returned an envelope. If you would like siblings to be photographed, you must fill out and return a separate envelope for siblings.

He will also be shooting ALL class photos on Tuesday. Parents of Monday/Wednesday toddler children, please bring your child to school on Tuesday for the class photo at 11:30 am. This time is approximate and you may or may not need to wait for a bit. Class photos are free if you order a packet. If you do not want individual photos of your child(ren), you must fill out an envelope for a class photo.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

This year, as always, we will celebrate Thanksgiving with a family gathering. We will all meet in Steve’s Barn. The upper elementary children look forward to performing a play, The Velveteen Rabbit and all children will be singing songs. Please arrive promptly at 9:15 for this event.

Following the performance, we will gather for a lovely Thanksgiving brunch. Please bring any type of brunch item, such as quiche, French toast, eggs, breads, muffins, fruits, etc. NO NUTS! Children’s House will provide the drinks. Bring your food directly to the back patio tables before the performance and continue on to the barn and find a seat. Don’t forget to pick up your plates, platters, bowls and utensils when you leave.
•There will be NO morning care.
Toddler children MUST be accompanied by a parent
or other adult for the entire event (9:15 to 12:00pm).
For all other classrooms, if you cannot attend with your child,
please make arrangements to
have your child picked up by 12:00 pm.
School will close at 12:00 pm, immediately following our potluck.
•If your child will not attend, please let us know ahead of time.
We look forward to spending this special holiday together!
Bill, Brenda, Christina, Dana, Deborah, Jamie, Jennifer,
Korey, Melissa, Nancy, Nicole, Savannah, and Tori

Guitar fever is at an all time high! We are rehearsing the Voluntary Elementary guitar band to perform "Medley in D", comprised of 4 short songs using the guitar chords D, A and G. Family members who can play these 3 chords and would like to help our students rehearse, please see Bill. We will perform at our Thanksgiving show.


     It is finally starting to feel like fall is really here! With the time change just around the corner and our days becoming cooler and shorter our bodies are starting to need a little more TLC from us to stay happy and healthy.

     We have had several children in our class, and throughout the school, not feeling 100% in the last few weeks. We all know when our children begin to look and feel a little run down. Their little immune systems (and ours) are working overtime to help keep them healthy and germ free.

     We know everyone is super busy these days with fall activities, but helping your children get lots of extra sleep, or rest time, along with good healthy food choices and staying hydrated can make a big difference in their physical, emotional and mental abilities.

     We want to help limit your child's sick days and have them here with us as much as we can! Happy Fall!

For the month of October the Primary Class is studying bats, skeletons, and pumpkins! The children are busy learning about the importance of their skeleton, the different parts of the bat, and we will also be carving pumpkins!

Straight from the mouths of some of our Kindergarten students...

"I’m doing my sounds. I did my sound book first, then I did letters, and then I colored the picture."



"It’s fun to eat lunch outside and play chess. I love the queen because she can move any place, even diagonal!"


"I set up the animals on the farm and then I read the cards and put the cards where the animals are. Then I picked eight cards to read to my teacher and she wrote them in my grammar book and then I copied them."


"I’m looking at the bear skull. I thought it was a lion because the teeth stuck out! I liked the eyes because they were big."


"Making salad is good. I like cutting tomatoes. I like eating it."

What's more amazing then a talking bat?

A spelling bee!
The John’s Tree Chlorophyll Challenge Is Back
    This year’s buddy teams will once again try to successfully predict the date that our closely observed John’s Tree on Monterey Road will lose its last leaves of green. Feel free to stop by the calendar outside the Lower El door and see what day your child and school buddy have picked. On the first day of a chlorophyll-free John’s Tree, the older buddies will mentor their younger friends in using chalk pastels to capture John’s Tree in all its glory. Because our toddler friends are too tiny to make the journey, their Upper El buddies will help them draw the sycamore tree, just outside the Toddler yard. We look forward to seeing the front hallway decorated (date unknown) with all our ‘plein aire’ autumn drawings.
from the Lower Elementary Computer Class...

An acrostic is a poem (or other form of writing) in which the first letter (or syllable, or word) of each line (or paragraph, or other recurring feature in the text) spells out a word, message or the alphabet. ~Wikipedia

The students wrote their acrostic poems in class and then brought them to life using simple word processing skills. There is something exciting about learning to change the fonts and the colors of the words we type. I think we all remember doing this for the first time! I hope you will let them practice their new skills at home. ~Dana

Please come visit our library! We highly encourage buddies and parents alike to bring your children. You  may receive a pink paper in your child’s cubby, stating they have a book waiting for them in the library. Just another reason to stop by. We are excited for you to use our books, but please borrow responsibly and make sure that books are safely returned within a week’s time. Special thanks to parent-volunteer Karen Waska for your assistance in the library. If you are interested in volunteering or just want to talk books, be sure to get in touch. Savannah Bryant, is our toddler assistant teacher and head of the library program at Children’s House.

Happy Reading!


from the Upper Elementary:

The Upper Elementary class has just returned from their amazing trip to Yosemite National Park and the Nature Bridge program. We were greeted by a heavy downpour and unbelievable atmospherics! The weather cleared by Monday and we enjoyed a beautiful, challenging week of hiking, community building, ecology, and incredible waterfalls! We are now preparing for our Historical Person Speeches; which will be presented Monday, October 31st in "Steve's Barn". We would be delighted if you could join us!
Online game to end hunger
When you play at, you help fight hunger worldwide! How? For every answer you get right, you raise 10 grains of rice. So far, over a million Freericers have raised enough to feed almost 5 million people. You will also have fun building your vocabulary!
Extended Care - After School
Happy Fall CHMS family! We are certainly feeling the change of weather in after-care. Our ever creative Brenda has taken advantage of the cooler weather to engage the children in some crafting time. Additionally, the cooler weather has given the children the opportunity to explore some lovely yoga! Of course, we are still taking advantage of our wonderful outdoor setting with some tree climbing. And lets not forget some special time with our chickens!
After-care takes flight! The crafting of aviation fun through sanding, hammering and painting. Thank you Jim Black for your donation of wood and time for our creations.

Goodbye Reese! Best wishes to you and your family and your new adventures. We will all miss you.

Dear Reese,

Please do not move to Arizona! I will miss you so so so much! We went to Yosemite last week and it was AWESOME! We hiked up a really hard and steep water fall. What are you being for halloween? I'm being a voodoo doll. I hope you liked our library trip, I planned a special surprise for tomorrow! Happy Halloween.



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