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December 2021
Volume IX, Issue #3
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Be sure to check out our new sections; "Art", which includes the "doodle page", and a new "Food" section, with a recipe and other info about cooking with children!
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Dear Children’s House Families, 

From our Children’s House to your homes, we all wish you a bright and happy holiday season. :) 

Each day has been a pure pleasure this school year, in the company of these wonderful, eager, sweet young people. We couldn’t have a more lovely group of students and we feel so honored that they share their days with us.

I personally wish, however, that I had more opportunities to visit with all of you. Although we are resuming some normalcy compared to where we were last year at this time, I truly miss your presence inside the school each day at drop off and pick up and hope that 2022 brings us back to when that can happen again.  And, although it was fabulous to have a Thanksgiving gathering, I missed the potluck and time for everyone to visit and I hope that future gatherings will allow for more of that again soon. 

So cheers to all we have, especially our health, love, and our laughter, and to a brighter 2022 when, we hope, this incredible community of people can be together more often. 

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays with many many thanks for being a part of our Children’s House family.

…bring in your donation of a NEW, UNWRAPPED toy or book with a value of $15.00 or more, or your tax deductible check, to Toys for Tots.
The collection box will be in front of the school until
Thursday morning,
December 16, 2021.

*Winter Break*
December 20, 2021
January 3, 2022

School resumes
Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Our Toddler Classroom is so fun and bustling with energy this time of year! There is so much new work to explore and sweet projects to make, we are busy learning and growing!


We are continuing our Dinosaur studies this month, as well as learning about South America and Caribou. Primary children love Dinosaurs!

...looking at a dinosaur book.

...making a book about dinosaurs.


...matching different dinosaurs.


...making a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


She is making a flower arrangement.


"We went on a hike and got rocks. We decorated them and made them into pets! We made books and wrote about our rocks. Then we had a rock museum and Toddlers, Primary and Upper El came to see them!"

This is a doodle page. Get a piece of paper and a pencil and see if you can draw some of the objects on the page. Or just get some inspiration and draw your own objects. You can click on it to see the full page or to print and color. Have fun!
Click on the image above to go to SUMO Paint. It is a free online Flash-based image editor similar to Adobe Photoshop. Anyone can use this but it is especially nice for older children and adults. Draw and paint online for free!
from the Lower Elementary...

Lower El is, as ever, a very busy place. As 2021 comes to a close, we are presenting our November Biographies with handmade timelines, finishing our chapter book on the life of Daniel Boone, learning to count in Roman numerals, exploring fraction equivalents and improper fractions, classifying polygons, quadrilaterals, and the 7 triangles of reality and so much more! In Geography, we have moved from South America to Africa (we try to stay one continent ahead of the Primary class to better mentor them) to study living organisms in different biomes. Our South American Culture work is on display in the front hallway through December. And we always take time to teach fall and winter holiday songs to our little buddies. 

We also kept up with tradition and took a walk to John's Tree for a "Plein Air" lesson!
Food preparation and Montessori philosophy go hand in hand. Whether it's cutting bananas for snack-time, baking muffins, feeding chickens, or collecting eggs, food is integrated into the Montessori classroom whenever possible. You can incorporate many of these "practical life" lessons at home too. We encourage you to help foster your child's independence by letting them prepare food and cook with you.

When children cook with you, they are participating in many developmental activities. Cooking calls into play the greatest number of skills used simultaneously, more than any other activity. There are so many age-appropriate tasks, the possibilities are endless. Oh, and don't be afraid to make a mess!
"Easy chocolate chip peanut butter cookies you can make with your kids! Flourless and simple, have fun in the kitchen together!"
You can use the above recipe image with little ones who cannot read yet. Click on the image to go to the blog page from
The Monday Campaign website has a page to help you determine what children are capable of doing at different ages. Every child is different, of course, and I encourage you to read the webpage if you are curious about how your child can help in the kitchen. Below is a quick list, but there is so much more!
CLICK ON THE LIST BELOW if you want to read more.

The Monday Campaign website also has lots of recipes for families to make together.

from the Upper Elementary:

Upper Elementary returned from AstroCamp in Idyllwild, California, at the end of October and put together a slideshow with their reflections and favorite pictures of the trip. We hope you enjoy the slideshow!

CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to see the video.

In class, we have been researching ancient Egyptian culture, after having wrapped up our study of Mesopotamia. Here are some of the students' presentations.

One of 7 new animals discovered in 2021, and possibly the smallest reptile known to science. The Brookesia nana is scarcely larger than a fingernail. Researchers found two of these tiny lizards — a male and a female — in the mountain rainforests of Madagascar. Although it’s a member of the chameleon family, B. nana doesn’t change color. Its brown skin helps it blend in with the forest floor while searching for insects to eat. 
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