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February 2022
Volume IX, Issue #4
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Be sure to see our "Art", section which includes the "doodle page", and the "Food" section, with a recipe and other info about cooking with children!
 Since this is our first Quailblazer of 2022, happy new year to you all! Cheers to new beginnings and to your health and happiness. It has been a busy month of beautiful sunny winter days and we continue to enjoy your children's company so very much. Although we are still cautious and limited as to what we can do as a whole school community, the children are thriving in their classrooms and with the activities that they share with each other, and for that, I am so grateful. January is always a time of increased focus and what we call, "Big Work" and we are seeing that in this community of children every day.  I hope you are enjoying your conference time with your child's amazing teacher and hearing about all of your child's joys and achievements.  It is an exciting time of their lives and of yours. Take it from me, as I look back on my days with my own children, that these pre-school and elementary years are so very magical and special. So thank you for sharing them with us. And thank you, especially, for your tireless support and collaboration as we work our way through these persistently challenging times. Together, we WILL make it through. :)
All the best to you and yours,
Monday-Friday: January 24-28th
No School on Friday Jan. 28th


Friday, February 14, 2022
in observance of
Lincoln's Birthday


Monday, February 21, 2022
in observance of 
President's Day


After the vacation days of Winter Break your children were more than ready to be back in the Toddler Classroom, exploring the new work we put out over the break. We missed them so much and it has been so fun for us to see each of them come back so excited to learn!

Doodle Page
Here's another doodle page. Get a piece of paper and a pencil and see if you can draw some of the objects on the page. Or just get some inspiration and draw your own objects. You can click on it to see the full page or to print and color. Have fun!
Learning about penguins and Antarctica!

Penguin Ice Work

Checking to see if she is as tall as an Emperor Penguin - the tallest penguin.


Penguin Art

Antarctica Map

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"I was doing Pink reading. First I matched them up and then I wrote them on my paper."

"I am doing Green reading. The rule is "I",  and it has a silent "e" at the end."


"I'm doing the hundred board. I'm putting the numbers in the right spot."


"I'm doing bank addition. You get what it says on the paper and then go back and get more but not what it says the first time but what it says the second time. And then you add them and write what it says. Then you put it back at the bank."

Here is another recipe to make with your children. Older children can make it alone, depending on skill level, or with a little help from you. This strawberry-vanilla shake is healthy enough to make a great grab-and-go breakfast—and yummy enough to be a delicious anytime treat. This recipe is from an issue of ChopChop Kids Club newsletter. ChopChop is another website to help parents cook with their children. Their recipes are also great for adults who are new to cooking.
DID YOU KNOW? Adding a pinch of salt to the smoothie doesn’t make it salty, it makes it less tart. The salt distracts your taste buds so that they’re too busy to perceive all the tartness.
from the Lower Elementary...
West Pride Story

Our annual winter dramatic performance is an original story creatively based on our studies of carnivores and herbivores on the African savannah. Our heroes Stripe-eo the zebra and Growliet the lioness are forbidden by their families from being friends. Can their ill-fated friendship endure the scorn and pressure from all the grassland vertebrates including speedy cheetahs, starving hyenas, and a very wise Cape Buffalo? When confronted with a common enemy, human hunters on safari, all the animals must come together or they’ll never survive. With memorable songs and excellent music by the Lower El Guitar Band, “West Pride Story” is a show for the whole family to enjoy!

from the Upper Elementary:

Upper elementary students are in full exploratory mode! Given minimal instruction, they have taken the opportunity to explore the reactions of various substances. Donning their chemistry gear and their chemistry brains, they are having a blast!

February is Black History Month...
Black history is everyone's history!

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. Also known as African American History Month, the event grew out of “Negro History Week,” the brainchild of noted historian Carter G. Woodson and other prominent African Americans. Since 1976, every U.S. president has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month. Other countries around the world, including Canada and the United Kingdom, also devote a month to celebrating Black history.

There is so much to learn and explore...
"Trombone Shorty" read by Angela Bassett (preschool thru grade 3)

•Matthew Henson’s historic expedition to the North Pole (grade 3 and up)

Making History: African American Pioneers of Science

National Museum for African American History & Culture (parents and older children can explore a vast array of online resources)

from our Lower Elementary students,
"More About Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King"

The Sloth Conservation Foundation in southern Costa Rica has begun to string ropes above roads so that sloths can use them to cross from tree to tree and not use power lines.

Click on the picture below to listen to the story
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