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December 2018
Volume VI, Issue #3
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Korey's Corner

     It is such a cozy, happy December at Children's House! We are loving our days together with the cold, wet weather outside! The classrooms are full of "big work", art and celebrations. Yesterday we celebrated Chanukah with latkes and dreidels (Thank you to Jordan, Alba's mom, for sharing the joy of frying latkes with the children!). We are also busy practicing our singing for our performance on December 21st! We look forward to coming together for that celebration in Steve's Barn!

     I am also excited to announce our 1st annual International Children's Film Festival on January 12th in Steve's Barn. The films are a wonderful collection of shorts geared for children from the New York International Children's Film Festival. Please help us spread the word to our community outside the school as we are thrilled to host this exciting event! 

     I hope you are all having a relaxing month, taking in the joys of the holiday season with your children. It is such a special time to be a parent. Thank you, as always, for all you do for your Children's House family.

In peace and with love,

Click on the Film Festival poster below, to see the trailer...


All Primary, Kindergarten and Elementary Parents...



Once again, we are so proud and impressed by the passion, commitment, determination and stamina, of every child who participated in the Jog-A-Thon fundraiser for must! charities - ECHO, Atascadero

A huge thank you to all the parents, family members and alumni who came out to help and participate. It was a great event and a huge success again this year!

We know all of you are now busy collecting the donations.

Please write your checks to must! charities and remember, your donation is tax deductible.

We do not need you to return the sponsor sheets. Your donations can be placed in the envelope on the small bulletin board, across from the Lower Elementary classroom door.

You will find a "thank you receipt" on our website. You can print and fill it out for everyone on your pledge list. Please have your student fill this out with you.

Please don't hesitate to email if you have any questions. Many, many thanks, once again.


It's beginning to feel a little “wintery” around here! It has been a wonderful time to enjoy some great sensory activities and some wet weather outside. 
We have begun our beautiful holiday gifts with the children and are excited for them to be painted, wrapped and ready to be taken home and opened by all of you.


“Oh no! Something spilled!”  No worries, here in Primary the children know just what to do. Someone is always willing to lend a hand to a friend who drops their beads or knows when to go find a towel to clean a spill (and where the dirty towels go too!). I’m always impressed by your children and the pride they show while caring for their environment.

We love the rain! Splashing in the puddles with our rain jackets and boots is so much fun!

Ralph and the Motorcycle Venn Diagram

•"In the middle everything is the same. The red is the book things and the blue tells what happened in the movie. In the movie the pill was on the tray and in the book it was under the dresser."   -Charlie

•"In the movie the maid released the cat and in the book that didn’t happen, there was no cat in the book."   -Jameson

•"In the middle of the blue and red is ‘owl’ because the owl is in the book and the movie. Ralph was scared of the owl but the owl did not eat Ralph in the book or movie."   -Connor

Q: How was the snow globe feeling?

A: A little shaken!
from the Lower Elementary...
 “Children Teaching Younger Children ”
Every time we teach our younger friends, we establish ownership of the material, reinforce our understanding, and nurture our mentorship relationships. When our target audiences are the Primary and Kindergarten students, the most valuable skill we need to use is our ability to connect with them and to have them feel a sense of connection to the subject matter. This month we hosted a “A Time Travel to Ancient Roman Times” for our younger friends. Our objective was to teach the etymology of the months of the year through art, song and storytelling. The hard part for us is not telling them what we know or even remembering the information we wish to teach. The true challenge is in creating a sense of wonder and curiosity in the younger children for the knowledge we are sharing. We learned that every successful presentation had these characteristics in common- 1.) We were able to convey our own interest in the topic to generate theirs.  2.) We never read to them what we wish to share so that we can maintain eye contact  and establish  a conversation, not a lecture.  3.) We involve our little friends with a pre-sharing of prior knowledge and a post-sharing of what they learned. These strategies are also many of the elements of Dr. Montessori’s “3 Period lessons” that all Montessori teachers employ in their own lessons. This process is our goal in everything we learn.
December 14, 2018

from the Upper Elementary:

The Upper Elementary has been busily preparing for the holidays as well as continuing with their study of Ancient Cultures (currently Mesopotamia) and beginning their study of Chemistry.  The last few rainy days, we have also added a couple new members to the class: Monty and Sori, the school rabbits!

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