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February 2020
Volume VII, Issue #4
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Korey's Corner

     Happy Winter everyone. I hope you are staying warm and cozy. January brought us busy days here at Children’s House with plenty of amazing lessons from our devoted staff and big, challenging and rewarding work from your children. We love this time of year when learning is intense! I, personally, love this time because I get to spend “Art Time” with each of your children as we work on our projects for our upcoming auction. I can hardly wait to see what transpires this year!
     We also have many events coming up in February from our Lower El White House Wax Museum (2/13) to our Kindergartener's 100th Day of School Celebration (2/18) to our 24th Annual Dinner & Auction, Saturday, Feb. 29th. Don’t forget to email or bring in your auction donation descriptions. Please purchase your auction dinner tickets and think about your “Roaring Twenties” attire!

     Meanwhile, enjoy your Parent/Teacher conference; it is always such a joy to spend one on one time talking with you about your incredible children. Many thanks for all you do and, a happy and healthy 2020!

Get you tickets at the front desk
for Kid Flicks...
Saturday, January 25th!

Monday-Friday: January 27-31st
No School on Friday Jan. 31st.

Please sign-up for a conference!


Monday, February 10, 2020
in observance of
Lincoln's Birthday


Monday, February 17, 2020
in observance of 
President's Day

Please email or bring in your donation descriptions and get your dinner reservations!
24th Annual Children's House Dinner and Auction
Saturday, February 29th
4:00 pm
the Roaring Twenties


Each child in the Toddler Classroom has been very busy learning and growing in the last two weeks, since we returned from Winter Break.

 We are enjoying their excitement in exploring all of the new work out on our shelves and getting lessons on bigger work.

This is always such a fun time of the school year, when we are ready to engage in longer work times with more challenging work.

We love to see them grow!


It’s PENGUIN month in Primary! The preschool, with help from the kindergarteners, are having fun learning about penguins. We practiced the penguin huddle to stay warm. In the next few weeks, we will learn about blubber, and how to walk like penguins... carrying an "egg".

"Sight words games are fun!"


"I'm building the words and now I'm on blue reading cards."


"I'm doing bank subtraction. First you get the hundreds, tens, units and thousands. You then look at the bottom number and you subtract those numbers."

"I read this to my friend. I read 'or' and 'ie'."

When George Washington was a general, why did he like to have dogs around?

They were very helpful during the "Roverlutionary War"

from the Lower Elementary...

We have learned many lessons this month from our study of the Civil Rights Movement. During his time, many of his followers were angry, but Dr. King taught others to “fight hate with love”, “not with violence, but with patience.” Rosa Parks faced jail time and the loss of her job by standing up for what she believed in-“Everybody living together in peace & harmony & love… that’s the goal we seek.” On Feb. 1, 1960, the “Greensboro 4” began a sit-in movement of civil disobedience that spread across the nation. Showing great dignity and restraint, they refused to fight back despite the abuse they suffered simply because they chose to sit at a lunch counter and order food. And no hero could be more inspiring than 6 year old Ruby Bridges who walked through a cruel and hateful mob each day just to get to her classroom in New Orleans. These stories and more, so valuable in their message, help us to develop our humanity and morality and are always a curriculum priority.

from the Upper Elementary:

This month the students in Upper Elementary continued to work on physics, the Martin Luther King play and we did a drumming workshop! We also worked with Eden,  our choir teacher, she helped us learn the song “Precious Lord, Take My  Hand”, for the Martin Luther King presentation.              
                      by Harrison Bays

Click on the image above to watch the video from our Martin Luther King Day, performance!
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