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December 2020
Volume VIII, Issue #3
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Dear Children's House Families,

Although these past months and especially this past week have been beyond difficult and stressful, I want to begin the last Quailblazer of 2020 with a message of love, gratitude and hope.

This community of staff, teachers, parents and students are sharing experiences like none that I have seen in my lifetime and certainly none that I have experienced in the 40 years since Children’s House opened its doors. But, I am so grateful to this group of humans who chose to be a part of this family this year and have chosen to work together during these challenging times. There has never been one word of blame or shame from anyone, and never a feeling of negativity, even from those of us who, after months of worry, received the news that they were infected. Quite the opposite... you have been loving and caring and appreciative and supportive, of each other, the staff and the children. I am so proud of our little community and care about each of your children and each of you so very much.

This isn’t the way we wanted our last few weeks before the holidays to go. We had another video performance to put together for you and projects to finish. But as always, we again thank you for your patience and flexibility and resilience. We will put together a video in January to instead celebrate 2021 and with it will be hope and optimism for a new start to a new year. May it bring us all good health, happiness and so much love. In peace and friendship always,

…bring in your donation of a NEW, UNWRAPPED toy or book with a value of $10.00 or more, or your tax deductible check, to Toys for Tots.
The collection box will be in front of the school until
Tuesday morning,
December 15, 2020.
Thank you!
*Winter Break*
December 21, 2020
January 8, 2021

School resumes
Monday, January 11, 2021

BY DECEMBER 18, 2020

Please write your checks to must! charities and remember, your donation is tax deductible.

We do not need you to return the sponsor sheets. Your donations can be placed in the envelope In the bin out on the front benches.

It is nice to give donors a "thank you". You will find a "thank you receipt" on our website. You can print and fill it out for everyone on your pledge list or you can copy and paste it into an email. Parents, please have your child fill this out with you.

Please don't hesitate to email if you have any questions. Many, many thanks, once again.


Our Toddler Classroom has been filled with big projects, growing friendships and fun work. Rachel and I are excited to see each of your children learn and grow each day.


Here are some fun moments from this month studying pumpkins and North America, working in the classroom...

...and making dog treats!


"I'm reading a book and answering questions."

"I was doing the addition board. I was doing math."


"I'm measuring crayons, coins and cubes!"

"I had to read the words and put the objects on stuff and under stuff, whatever the card said. It was fun!"

"I'm doing blue reading. You put the item out and then read the words and put them next to the item."

"I’m making my Stone Soup book! I think I’m going to make the soup with my mom and my dad!"

"I'm looking at fossils. The teeth are my favorite!"

This is a doodle page. Get a piece of paper and a pencil and see if you can draw some of the objects on the page. Or just get some inspiration and draw your own objects. You can click on it to see the full page or to print and color. Have fun!
from the Lower Elementary...
Note: this was written prior to 12/3 :)

     A different kind of school year brings a different looking classroom! Socially distanced desks make our classroom feel more open and airy and our empty walls await beautiful samples of student work. We decorated the room with our ‘plein-aire’ art renditions of John’s Tree, some went home and some were generously given to our buddies since we were unable to take them with us this year. Before going this year, we studied the Impressionists who painted impressions of what they saw, not what they thought they saw. The most important aspects of their art are in how the source of natural light plays upon the subject and the interplay of light and shadow. Theses can vary by time of day and the strength and direction of the light. One leaf on a tree can take on countless hues as the day progresses. Fall colors are great time to do ‘plein-aire’ art. We plan to continue to this activity throughout the year.

from the Upper Elementary:

Happy Fall CHMS family! We have been busy in Upper Elementary sewing appliqués and painting our gratitude rocks. Studying the human body has also been on our schedule, and what better way than working together!

How to Put on a Mask
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