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January 2017
Volume IV, Issue #4
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Korey's Corner

     Happy Winter everyone. I hope you are staying warm and dry and cozy. January brings us busy days here at Children’s House with plenty of amazing lessons from our devoted staff and big, challenging and rewarding work from your children. We love this time of year when learning is intense!! I, personally, love this time because I get to spend “Art Time” with each of your children as we work on our big, amazing auction projects. I can hardly wait to see what transpires this year!
     We also have so many events coming up in February from our Lower El White House Wax Museum (2/10) to Lower El Valentine’s Day High Tea (2/14) to our Kindergartener's 100th Day of School Celebration (2/15) and of course, my favorite night of the year, our all school Open House (2/28). Meanwhile, enjoy your Parent/Teacher conference; it is always such a joy to spend one on one time talking with you about your incredible child(ren). Many thanks for all you do and again, a happy and healthy 2017!

Lower Elementary Valentine's Day High Tea

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
12:00 pm

It's hard to believe January is almost over already.! The children in the Toddler classroom came back from Winter Break happy, healthy, (mostly) and ready to do some bigger work.

Over the break our classroom got a mini face lift, a great deep clean and I put a ton of new work out on our shelves. The children are busy, busy exploring the work, receiving lessons, and learning new skills.

If you haven't yet taken a moment at drop off or pick up to check out our beautiful display of stunning, colorful jellyfish on the bulletin board in the foyer, it is a must see!

When your grandparents give you a giant box of lemons,
make lemonade!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Tuck for all the lemons!
We drank it the next day at lunch!

Children's House Montessori School
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
5:30 - 7:30

I made the colored bead stair and wrote my numbers!

I was building words with letters. It is fun but a little bit hard. I made a book with the same words that I made with the letters.

In the blue box the words were all mixed up and I had to make a sentence.

I drew a picture and then wrote my words in my journal.


What did one US flag say to the other?


Nothing, it just waved.

from the Lower Elementary...
The 6th Annual Lower Elementary White House Wax Museum
On February 10 at 2:00, we celebrate our Annual White House Wax Museum, performing 60 seconds of live history to our families, friends and schoolmates. In Dana’s computer classes, she has been teaching us the research process on Wikipedia for Kids to help us learn their lives, impact and, most importantly- character. While we have not always seen perfect moral character in our 44 White House couples (the Clevelands are counted once), the public’s expectation of near perfection remains. Stepping into those roles on the Wax Museum stage is not unlike assuming the role of our school mentors who are reminded, ‘Be PERFECT around your younger schoolmates because we told them you’re PERFECT!’ But the exhaustion of being a 6-12 year old role model pales in comparison to a 4 or 8 year term living under a never-ending media microscope. Nobody’s perfect, but being a perfect role model is always a nice goal to have.

from the Upper Elementary:

The Upper Elementary class is having a busy January!  In preparation for our up coming trip to Washington, DC, we have learned about the Revolutionary War, the drafting and contents of the Constitution, creating our own class Constitution, presidential study (In partnership with computer class with Dana!), and the three branches of government.  This rainy weather has really allowed us to focus on our classroom work!
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