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November 2018
Volume VI, Issue #2
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Korey's Corner

Happy November Everyone!

     This is such a wonderful time of year, a time of changing seasons and falling leaves and giving thanks. I am so very thankful for my Children's House family and all the joy that it brings to me each day. This is another year of delightful children and we feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to spend our days with them. 

    Right now the children are learning about the opportunity to give to others as they work hard to practice their endurance and determination for our annual Jog-A-Thon. We are partnering with must! charities again, this year , and all proceeds will go directly to ECHO (El Camino Homeless Organization), in Atascadero. We thank you so much for helping them collect donations and helping them to see how their hard work will benefit others. I hope you can join us for this exhilarating day, coming up soon on November 16th.

     Another way that you can give of yourselves, quite literally, is through our second annual blood drive coming up on November 20th. Last year was a huge success and the blood bank was so appreciative of all our donators. You can schedule your appointment online.  Thank  you so much for participating!

     In addition to songs and poetry our Thanksgiving performance this year will include a short play about the life of Maria Montessori. This is a tradition here at Children's House every third year and we look forward to sharing this great woman's life with you. Without her, we would simply not be here together, so for Dr. Montessori, I am especially thankful. :) 

     I have especially enjoyed my one-on-one time with your children this month while we created a little gift for you together. I brought back some beautiful maple leaves from my trip to Vermont last month so we have been inspired! And speaking of beautiful fall leaves; one of our favorite things about our school grounds is our famous gingko tree in front of the school. Be sure to watch it as it begins to turn yellow and drop its leaves. Every year, right around Thanksgiving, or at the first hard frost, all the leaves will drop at once! It is a wonderful time for tossing leaves in the air and snapping a photo! 

          In gratitude,

Monday, November 12, 2018
Mobile Blood Drive
Tuesday, November 20, 2018
8:30 - 12:30
Schedule your appointment

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

This year, as always, we will celebrate Thanksgiving with a family gathering. We will all meet in Steve’s Barn. The upper elementary children look forward to performing a play, "The Life of Maria Montessori", and all children will be singing songs. Please arrive promptly at 9:15 for this event.

Following the performance, we will gather for a lovely Thanksgiving brunch. Please bring a brunch/breakfast item, such as quiche, French toast, eggs, bacon, breads, muffins, fruits and beverages. NO NUTS!


Bring your food directly to the back patio tables before the performance and continue on to the barn and find a seat. Don’t forget to pick up your plates, platters, bowls and utensils when you leave.

•There will be NO morning care.
Toddler children MUST be accompanied by a parent
or other adult for the entire event (9:15 to 12:00pm).
For all other classrooms, if you cannot attend with your child,
please make arrangements to
have your child picked up by 12:00 pm.
School will close at 12:00 pm, immediately following our potluck.
•If your child will not attend, please let us know ahead of time.
We look forward to spending this special holiday together!
Bill, Christina, Dana, Dawn, Deborah, Jamie, Jennifer,
Korey, Melissa, Nancy, Nicole, Roz, Tori, Tiffany and Vicki


Each child in the Toddler Classroom
has been growing and learning
as we float into Fall!
During October your children have been working on new independent skills in the classroom, enjoying bigger work, making some amazing art projects and learning about pumpkins and gourds.

<3 Did you know…
we have a nice little couch in our staff room that can be used by nursing mothers? Comfortable and private -  you are more than welcome to make yourselves at home here anytime of day!

Children’s House had some special visitors from the Atascadero fire department! It’s so exciting for our Primary students to have presenters come to our school. 

“I liked getting to walk around the engine and look inside”

“I liked the firefighters, and looking around the engine. I liked being with my buddy

“He’s crawling on the ground to get the fresh air. I got to touch his suit”


Straight from the mouths of some of our Kindergarteners...

"My journal is my thoughts and what I think about."


"We put the bone Cheetos on the paper graph and then we got to eat them!"

"You count how many it makes and then you write the number on the paper like 7 + 5 = 12"


"I’m giving him a lesson with the golden bead bank."

"I was reading the space story and listening with the music."

from the Lower Elementary...

As our new year unfolds, October brings the first of many Lower Elementary traditions- the monthly Book Project Fair. Each month we dip our noses into various genres such as poetry, biographies, historical fiction, animal/nature stories, adventures and mysteries, nonfiction, award winners and, of course, free choice. Our intent is to ask ourselves what made a book so rewarding to read and then create an entertaining and informative way to convey that special quality through a project presentation. By now, the 3rd year are on the 18th of 24 total book presentations and very skilled at mentoring how to make a book come alive. The main goal of the BPF is always to turn on other students to really great books and really great authors. And we know we are successful when we see our friends seek out and read our recommendations. If you are looking for great books to read with your children, attend the LE Book Project Fair in the Barn at the end of every month.

What's New in the Computer Lab?

We have a Blog! Click on the image below to check it out. We will use this for easy access to all the links I share with the students and for any computer homework or projects I want them to work on. We will also feature student posts and student art. ~Dana
Kylie and Kirra did the art work on our blog header and Lucas,  Ruby and Izzy, have each contributed posts. Have a look!

from the Upper Elementary:

from left, back row:
Sojourner Truth, Dimitri Mendeleev, Alfred Nobel, Julius Caesar, Beatrix Potter, Steve Irwin, Edgar Allan Poe, Milton Hershey, Anne Frank
middle row: Thomas Edison, Dr. Seuss, Princess Diana, Marie Curie, Clara Barton, Marie Antoinette, Jane Goodall, Julia Child, Jane Addams
front row: Steve Wozniak, Katherine Johnson, George Lucas, Enzo Ferrari, Orel Hershiser, Mohandas Ghandi, Niccolo Machiavelli, Stephen Hawking
Not pictured: Stan Lee
Happy Autumn! The upper elementary performed their Historical Person speeches a few days early this year, so they could be at AstroCamp during the week of Halloween!
Watch the bulletin board in the next couple of weeks to see what they did on their amazing trip to AstroCamp in Idyllwild, California.
Please bring in your donation of a
NEW, UNWRAPPED toy or book
with a value of $10.00 or more,
or your tax deductible check,
to Toys for Toys.
The collection box
will be in the foyer
beginning November 13th
and will leave
the morning of December 10th.
Extended Care - After School
Tree Friends
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