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June 2019
Volume VI, Issue #6
End-of-School Special

(mostly photos)

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Our graduating class of 2019!

I'm reading a green reading book and then I answer questions and color the pictures.

"I'm doing my green reading and spelling out all the words."

"I'm trying to make that red thing spin by connecting it into a circle and then make the power go to the fan so it can fly!"

"I'm counting the bank and doing multiplication. Sometimes I can multiply without the bank material!"

         As the end of another school year rapidly approaches, one of our most valuable and cherished traditions last month was the conclusion of the study of the Timeline of Early Humans- the Neolithic Village. Following on the heels of our performance of Dar and his semi-nomadic tribe in the Mesolithic Age, the older students selected trades necessary to the survival of the first farming villages. Before the rise of class systems and social inequity, it was essential to insure that every tradesperson could meet their primary needs through a fair barter system or the village would suffer the loss of a necessary product. One of the biggest challenges lies in assigning value to products that range from daily consumption (milk) to long term use (a farmer’s plow). And how does one equate the value of a service (shearing sheep) to a finished product (a wool blanket). The older students built a mock farming village in the back field, assembled a mock family of dependents from their younger classmates, and made cards representing the product or service in which they specialized. The ensuing “Barter Game” is always a blast and very challenging to meet the primary needs of your “family” while making sure that your fellow villagers get what they need too.
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