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February 2019
Volume VI, Issue #4
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Korey's Corner

     Happy Winter everyone. I hope you are staying warm and cozy. January brought us busy days here at Children’s House with plenty of amazing lessons from our devoted staff and big, challenging and rewarding work from your children. We love this time of year when learning is intense! I, personally, love this time because I get to spend “Art Time” with each of your children as we work on our projects for our upcoming auction. I can hardly wait to see what transpires this year!
     We also have so many events coming up in February from our Lower El White House Wax Museum (2/8) to our Kindergartener's 100th Day of School Celebration (2/20) to our Lower El Young Authors Fair (begins 2/25) and of course, my favorite night of the year, our all school Open House (2/26). Also, don’t forget to email or bring in your auction donation descriptions. Please purchase your auction tickets and think about your “hippie attire”! This year’s auction with our Peace, Love, Montessori” theme is shaping up to be a blast!

Meanwhile, enjoy your Parent/Teacher conference; it is always such a joy to spend one on one time talking with you about your incredible children. Many thanks for all you do and, a happy and healthy 2019!


Monday, February 11, 2019
in observance of
Lincoln's Birthday


Monday, February 18, 2019
in observance of 
President's Day


Each child in the Toddler Classroom has been very busy learning and growing in the last three weeks, since we returned from Winter Break.

Tiffany and I are enjoying their excitement in exploring all of the new work out on our shelves and getting lessons on bigger work.

If you haven’t seen the absolutely adorable owls on the bulletin board in the foyer, please check them out! ~Jen


It’s PENGUIN month in Primary! The children are having so much fun learning all about penguins. We have practiced the penguin huddle to stay warm, we learned about blubber, and walked like penguins, carrying an "egg".

Children's House Montessori School
Tuesday, February 26, 2019
5:30 - 7:30

"My friend taught me subtraction!"

"With the farm you label the animals. I like doing it because I'm learning about nouns."

"I was counting thousands and adding them up."

"I'm playing a sight word game with my primary friend!"

What did one US flag say to the other?


Nothing, it just waved.

from the Lower Elementary...
The halls are alive with the sound of music! We’ve dusted off our school dulcimers and tuned them up! Because it is such a surprisingly simple instrument, a child can accompany herself as she (or he) sings many of the simple 2 & 3 chord songs from our school songbook. The dulcimer is a wonderful ‘stepping stone’ into learning to play more challenging instruments. And the beauty of the multi-level classroom is that the teachers do not need to be the providers of instruction to EVERY student. We teach the oldest students new chords, songs and techniques and they demonstrate competence and understanding by teaching their younger classmates. The child to child dynamic also conveys the perception that mastering this (and any) instrument is a realistic childhood goal. And there is no goal more noble or enticing than the desire to fill our lives with music.

from the Upper Elementary:

Recently the Upper Elementary has been working on Ancient Egyptian projects. The class divided into groups and each will present a certain part of the culture. We have also been working on earth-art; down in the creek we build things that are made out of nature. We have also been working on the periodic table of elements and doing fun experiments. 
                               by Hannah Redd

written by Skye & Kylie
Egypt’s Constitution

In the name of the gods, most gracious, most merciful.
This is our constitution.

The land wide, pure and most divine, is free for all soldiers to fight for the name of our country.

Egypt given the gift to be home of the Nile.

Our Pharaoh will stand in the doorway to the gods, helping us leer to wise judgment. If you outstand out leader, a contemptible future will behold your growth.

Us Egyptians see all social classes but slaves, as equal under the law. Even the poorest of our people are allowed to request the vizier. Men and women have many rights, but woman may not take part on governmental work.

The responsibilities of Egyptians will be restricted. The Pharaoh will be responsible for making laws and keeping order. The Vizier is responsible for overseeing administration and all official documents had to have his seal of approval. Nobles are responsible for making local laws and keeping order in their region. Priests will be responsible for keeping the gods happy. The Scribes will be the only people to read and write, and are going to be responsible for defense of our country. Craftsmen will make many pieces to provide our people. Farmers are responsible for growing crops and raising animals for meat. Last but least , slaves will do work in mines, quarries, and temples.

Us Egyptians pledge to follow the rules provided in our country, and will accept to take punishment if they are broken.

In the name of the gods, most gracious, most merciful.
This is our constitution.

The Pharaohs

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