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September 2019
Volume VII, Issue #1
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     Welcome to a new year at Children’s House everyone! It is so great to be back, surrounded by these incredible children every day! After 39 years, I still am in love with what I get to do each day and that is because of the wonderful friendships that your children and you bring to my life.

     As you all know, a week ago Friday was International Day of Peace and it was delightful! Your children sang their hearts out! They also bonded with their buddy or buddies for this school year. Such sweetness! As you can see on our bulletin board, there wasn't a pair who didn't instantly put their arms around each other! My heart was warmed and my jaw hurt from smiling! We seriously have the kindest group of children ever this year.


Right now, as you read this, I am enjoying our oldest students in the beauty of Yosemite National Park! Our Upper Elementary Class of 4th -6th graders rotate each Fall between a week in either Yosemite, Catalina or Idyllwild (AstroCamp). This year I chose to join the group of students and teacher and parent chaperones for 5 glorious days in the Yosemite Valley. Look forward to the bulletin board next month to see our adventures.

I hope you all have been settling into the school year. If you ever have any questions or concerns or just want to chat, please catch me anytime! Also, it is not too late to join the Montessori Parent Course that is being offered one night a month in SLO. If you have even one or two of those evenings free, you will be so glad you came!

All the best and many thanks for being a part of our CHMS family. I am so grateful that you are here.


It has been an amazing start to the new school year! Dawn and I are so glad to be in the classroom together with the littlest friends here at Children's House.

The children in our classroom have been adjusting beautifully to all of their new friends and big buddies. They are learning how our days flow, mastering new skills and how fun school can be (even when we are missing our Moms and Dads). Each child has already been working on many new independent skills in our environment and we are thrilled to see the progress each of them is making throughout these first few weeks. It is truly magical to watch the development of language, independence, friendships and self confidence grow within each child.

A huge "thank you" to all of the amazing parents who support us, communicate with us and share their adorable children with us each day!


The primary room is having a fantastic first few weeks of school, and we are so thankful to all our parents for helping our classroom run smoothly. This month we are studying apples and worms! We had a visit from SLO Integrated Waste Management, and learned about worm composting.

They brought a giant worm model, named "Wormy".

We also made our own applesauce, with help from the Kindergarteners...


The school year has started off very busy and filled with excitement for our Kindergarten class!

Here is what some of the children have been working on so far...

"Snack is fun because you get to wash your dishes!"

"I'm giving a lesson on golden beads!"

"I stamped with bead bars!"

"I'm stamping and coloring teen book 3!"

"I finished all my sounds!"

from the Lower Elementary...

“Developing Independence”

…as soon as independence has been reached, the adult who keeps on helping has become an obstacle…” -Dr. Montessori 

The 6-9 sensitive period of development is all about independence. In the Lower El classroom, our motivation to build the skills that allow us to work unassisted is the reward of the freedom to make our own work choices, work at our own pace, and express ourselves and our ideas in our own ways. A child’s declaration of independence (or to desire to have) is his first step in taking ownership of his learning and greater control of his life. We began this year reading Jean George’s My Side of the Mountain, the story of a boy who takes the concept of self-sufficiency to a whole new level (see student-constructed replica of Sam’s tree home in photo). We support a child’s desire for independence when we prioritize the process over the product. A poorly (but independently) tied shoelace is far more rewarding than the most secure double-knot tied by a teacher. And there is nothing that fills a child with pride more than telling a grown-up, “I can do this myself now!”

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from the Upper Elementary:

Upper El is having an awesome first month back at CHMS. We have been researching the first Americans and getting prepared for our upcoming trip to Yosemite.

We have also begun our exploration of physics with a buoyancy challenge building three devices; one that sinks, one that hovers and one that floats (It’s that middle one that gets tricky!).

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