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October 2020
Volume VIII, Issue #1
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     I can’t begin to tell you how fabulous it feels to have school open, your children here and everyone happy and healthy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Children’s House parents, for trusting us, supporting us and working hard to keep us all safe. It has been a successful and wonderful 3 weeks. I am so proud of my staff for the dedication it took to set up their classrooms….inside, outside and online! And the amazing job they are doing to give each child in their care a beautiful education. I only wish you could all see the classrooms each day. They are peaceful and lovely and the children are engaged, productive and happy. Maria Montessori would be so very proud.

     While we are enjoying our days, it is not lost on me that many are ill and many have lost everything in all of these devastating fires. Our hearts go out to them. Stay safe, my Children’s House family. Wishing you all the best this Fall.  Enjoy an autumn drive or hike with your children and watch the leaves turn colors! Much continued health and happiness to you all.

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We are so happy to be back in the classroom with our littlest friends here at Children’s House !

There are so many new friends to make, snacks to enjoy, work to explore and learning to do. Each child has been adjusting to our new environment, getting to know our school day routine and growing into their independence with lessons on work and self help skills.

Rachel and I are thrilled to be able to share this magical time with your children.


What a great start to our new school year! Your children have been hard at work and are adjusting amazingly to our new routines. And thank you so much for remembering to bring in your child’s plant! Our classroom is so beautiful with the shelves full of plants and the children love checking on them and watering them.

Do you need some help
with all the feelings?
Resources from the CDC
"Ensuring Children and Young People’s Social, Emotional, and Mental Well-being"


The school year has started off very busy and filled with excitement for our Kindergarten class in our new outdoor classroom. Art on Thursday afternoons has been so much fun! This month we are learning about Claude Monet.


from the Lower Elementary...

"The Science of Peace, were it to become a special discipline, would be the most noble of all, for the very life of humanity depends on it.
-Maria Montessori, 1932.

Our greatest responsibility as educators is the development of strong moral character and compassion which is given its own attention and incorporated into the Montessori child’s classroom life on a daily basis in stories and morality tales, group discussions, role playing activities, cooperative games and much more. The peaceful child develops from within and, in the formative years, will develop a perspective of the world based on the experiences of this period. We have been paying A LOT of attention to the concept of peace this month (as we will every month) and focusing on what we do to be peaceful people. This is the first lesson we wish to teach our new little buddies as we develop a mentor relationship with them. To foster this relationship, we have been learning (or reviewing) those foundation lessons (parts of biomes, primary needs of people, etc.) that build an understanding of the world we live in. Because guidance, cooperation and teamwork are central to success in the Montessori classroom, we wanted to share some photos of our peaceful lower el children.

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from the Upper Elementary:

This pandemic situation is hard for everyone... here are some thoughts, straight from a few Upper Elementary students.

The first day of school was fun because I got to see all the new 4th graders. I loved that we have a fresh start of school and we get new buddies. When I got to school it was weird because I had to wear a mask and we couldn't take it off, and only half of the class could go to school, the other half had to stay home and do zoom school. Doing zoom school is hard because we couldn't properly hear  the teachers.

Every Friday all of us would zoom school. Zoom school is different than usual because we have to raise our hand. We call it our virtual hand. The virtual hand is blue and small in “participants.” Zoom school is glitchy and harder because if you don’t have wifi, then you can't do school. When it's your turn to talk, you unmute yourself by pushing the unmute button.You can also share your screen so others can see your screen.


Jackson’s Thoughts on School 

     It has been good to be able to go to school and see my teachers and my friends. But it is very hard to have to wear a mask FOR 6 HOURS. It is also so hard to social distance and not be able to sit next to your friends. It is very weird you have to use your device to look at cards and all that stuff. It is very hard to be split in half from all your other friends. But it is pretty good so far. 


Henry’s Thoughts on School

The first day of school for me was weird because we had to wear masks all day and we couldn't interact with other people. It was also nice because we got to go back to school instead of online school. It was weird and nice to have our own tables because we could get more work done, but we couldn't sit next to anyone. Recess was boring because we can't get under six feet, and we had to wear a mask the whole time. Online school was hard because I had to do school with my sister blasting music (she is doing it as I’m writing this). Work was hard to do online because we either had to take a picture and send it over gmail or do it on docs.


The first day of school was weird but it was better than sitting around all day and watching TV. I was not productive. I kinda just talked all day. But the next day I was at school and I got a lot more done but recess was kinda BORING we had to stay 6 feet away from each other so we couldn't play football. When we came in and put on our masks, it sucked because we couldn’t breathe, then we did work.
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