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January 2018
Volume V, Issue #5
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Korey's Corner

     Happy Winter everyone. I hope you are staying warm and cozy. January brings us busy days here at Children’s House with plenty of amazing lessons from our devoted staff and big, challenging and rewarding work from your children. We love this time of year when learning is intense!! I, personally, love this time because I get to spend “Art Time” with each of your children as we work on our big, amazing auction projects. I can hardly wait to see what transpires this year!
     We also have so many events coming up in February from our Lower El White House Wax Museum (2/9) to Lower El Valentine’s Day High Tea (2/14) to our Kindergartener's 100th Day of School Celebration (2/22) and of course, my favorite night of the year, our all school Open House (2/27). Meanwhile, enjoy your Parent/Teacher conference; it is always such a joy to spend one on one time talking with you about your incredible child(ren). Many thanks for all you do and again, a happy and healthy 2018!

Lower Elementary Valentine's Day High Tea

Wednesday, February 14, 2018
12:00 pm


Kash shares his new puppy, Major, with his classmates and teachers.

Each child in the Toddler Classroom has been very busy learning and growing since we returned from our Winter Break. With all of the new work out on our shelves and lessons being given, the children continually amaze Whitney and I each day. It is so exciting to see them grow!

This month in primary we are studying Antarctica! The children are learning all about penguins and whales. We have so many fun activities going on in the classroom, from practicing the penguin huddle to stay warm, to measuring out a blue whale in the back yard! The children are also enjoying sensorial work with penguins in ice and snow!
Children's House Montessori School
Tuesday, February 27, 2018
5:30 - 7:30

Liam - that nobody smokes and makes more pollution
Emma - no one is homeless
Charlie - no one hits each other
Sasha - no more fires
Ethan - no more litter everywhere
Chiara - nobody gets hurt
Shifa - people wont throw trash on the earth
Drake - that Martin Luther King was still alive so people wouldn’t hurt each other
Alba - no one is mean to each other
Redmond - that nobody gets lost
Harper - that there is more water to share
Serenna - that all adults are nice to each other and they can run free
Izzy - that there is enough water for everyone
Nolan - that more plants would grow and not die
Arwenn - that everyone is nice to each other
Dash - that there is clean air for everyone

What did one US flag say to the other?


Nothing, it just waved.

from the Lower Elementary...

“The Slow Careful Walk”

Many parts of our daily routine in Lower El are intended to serve as opportunities to foster and reinforce skill development. The “Slow Careful Walk” traditionally ends (but often begins when necessary) each classroom work period. It is a slow careful journey around the classroom shelves attending to the organization and cleanliness of the materials. In the prepared Montessori environment, children are responsible for the readiness of the tools they will use. The “Slow Careful Walk” is a skill each child must master and present twice daily (minimum) so that they may earn the most coveted privilege of all- the freedom and trustworthiness to engage with these wonderful materials. Yes, it would serve the classroom better if each child were assigned 1 shelf to master its preparedness. But our primary obligation is to the child, not the room, and a child who knows his whole classroom is better equipped to use the whole room. Level 3 leaders teach this skill to their younger classmates. And sometimes the Level 3s are asked to do a “Slow Careful Walk” during the work period and check not the materials, but the people in the room to ensure that every child feels safe, confident, and independent. As Level 3 student, Ian McPherron declared, "The “Slow Careful Walk” is how we show that we care about our classroom and each other!”

School will be
Monday, February 12th for Lincoln's Birthday
Monday, February 19th for President's Day

from the Upper Elementary:

The upper elementary recently wrapped up their California Mission Projects. Each student presented research on their assigned Mission as well as a project pertaining to the mission (common foods, adobe brick making, a slideshow tour, model etc). It was fun and informative!

Upper El also had the opportunity to take a break from presentations and do some drumming!  A big thanks to Ed Roscetti and Maria Martinez, for teaching us about rhythm and technique, and helping us try it out! We also welcomed a new pet rat to the classroom- Tilly!


In extended care, we have been dabbling in printmaking by making our own collagraphs. First the children glued various items to a piece of cardstock (sand and crumpled foil were some favorites). After the printing plates dried, they painted them and made their very own print. See the bulletin board in the foyer to see both the printing plates and the prints.

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