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March 2021
Volume VIII, Issue #5
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We have two new sections, the "Doodle Page" and "Wait! Before You Go..."
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Happy March everyone!

I hope this Quailblazer finds you all well and enjoying life in the new normal (for now). The calendar pages seem to be turning quickly these days as everyone here remains so busy, happy and productive. When I hear of all the children who are still zooming from home, I feel so grateful that we have been given this opportunity to be together. It gives us such joy to spend our days with these darling children. The staff continues to get tested once a week and some of us have received our first vaccine. Our staff will most likely have completed the first dose, for those who want it, by the end of March. We will keep you posted. As I mentioned in my email, we will miss our auction and our Open House. The occasions that offer time spent together with you, our parents, are so valued and lovely. We will definitely have to make up for those as soon as we are able. Meanwhile, know that we are here if you need anything at all. I am, personally, always happy to have a zoom meeting or meet with you outside anytime! Just let me know. Take care of yourselves and each other. Wishing you much love each day.
School will be
Spring Recess

MONDAY, April 5, 2021
FRIDAY, April 9, 2021

School resumes Monday, April 12th
We are LOVING the big work and growing friendships happening in the Toddler classroom right now! There is an amazing amount of new lessons, big learning and language development going on.
Rachel and I just love watching your children grow each day!
Doodle Page

Here's another doodle page. Get a piece of paper and a pencil and see if you can draw some of the objects on the page. Or just get some inspiration and draw your own objects. You can click on it to see the full page or to print and color. Have fun!

Making a Necklace

Working with Animals from Asia

Using the Colored Beads

Doing Cards and Counters

Practicing His Chopstick Skills

Reading chapter books in the afternoons, in Kindergarten, is one of our favorite times of the day! Our weekly art lessons are fun, too! We just finished Magic Tree House, book #14 and this is what we think about The Dragon King...

…he doesn’t really like books!

…he is cruel!

…he is mean!

…he is not friendly and wants to burn all the books!

…he is not a nice guy!

…he lives in a palace!

…he lives in a castle and he is not very nice!

Over the years, the students, families and staff of Children's House have been diligently raising money for must! charities? How much, you ask?
Click on the photo to see the video and find out!
from the Lower Elementary...

We have been very busy this month finishing our White House Wax Museum presentations. We are also finishing up our study of Africa and  beginning our study of Asia, by performing skits of native people and how they meet their needs. We are continuing our Time Line of Life study with the Rise of Mammals (L1 & L2) and Early Hominids/Paleolithic people (L3) and preparing individual presentations on aspects of China. We’ve also been working on our own creative storybooks for this year’s Young Authors Fair as well as nonfiction submissions, such as the recently completed Level 3 Research books on one of the 50 states. This, and MUCH more has been a lot of work for the students, who only get access to the classroom materials two or three days a week. They have been making the most of their classroom time and what they have shared with the group has been truly remarkable. Well done Lower El!

from the Upper Elementary:

Hi, my name is Eva and this is my Metal Relief art. 
The metal is tin and I taped the sharp edges.

Upper Elementary Baby Birds

If you don’t know, the Upper Elementary has two zebra finches, one is a female and one is a male. On  February 2, we noticed that in the nest there were five eggs. We were so excited because the classroom birds had eggs. On February 16, they hatched and three of them made it!

By Beckett Teague and Jackson Buys

Hi my name is Berk. I have been doing an In-N- Out road trip with my family and we have been to 334 In-N-Outs in six months. We want to do 360 In-N-Outs in seven months. We have 26 more In-N-Outs to go. We sometimes bring friends. 

You can follow our progress on Instagram @innoutroadtrip

What did the dirt say to the rain?

If this keeps up my name will be mud!


Before the invention of the envelope, in the 19th century, people would secure their letters by folding and cutting in a special way. The process of letterlocking dates back to the 13th century. This special "locking" was used to keep the letter private.

Now scientists have discovered a way to read these letters, virtually, without opening them. 

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