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June 2020
Volume VII, Issue #5, End-of-the-Year Edition
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For our last QuailBlazer of the year, we asked you to show us some of the things your children were busy with while sheltering at home. Thanks to all of you incredible parents, I know these children found a lot of joy these past months with their daily work and play, their creativity and their accomplishments. Please give yourselves all the credit you deserve in doing such a wonderful job parenting and teaching, especially during a time of such  uncertainty and stress. This QuailBlazer celebrates you, our Children’s House parents. All of us at Children’s House are so grateful for all you do.

Thank you, as well, to all of you who came to our Car Parade on Thursday to celebrate the end of the school year. It was amazing to see so many bright smiles. On behalf of our staff and me, we wish you a fun filled and healthy summer. We will miss you!


...and the pictures below are from Pi Day, the last day we were all at school together.

Some comic relief...
Q: Why do they call it the novel coronavirus?
A: It’s a long story…

Q: What types of jokes are allowed during quarantine?
A: Inside jokes!

Q: What do you call panic-buying sausage and cheese in Germany?
A: The wurst-käse scenario.

I'll tell you a coronavirus joke now, but you'll have to wait two weeks to see if you got it.


from the Lower Elementary...

“We Want to Go to Our School!”
(sung to the tune of “I Don’t Want No More of Army Life”)

lyrics by Lower Elementary students

Oh our online teacher’s struggling, his efforts we should thank

He never knows what keys to push, sometimes our screens go blank

Oh we’ve all had enough of quarantine! We want to go to our school!

Oh my friends at Montessori, I miss them very much
I see them on computers, but we’re not allowed to touch

Oh the quarantine is stressful, it makes me wanna scream
It’s hard to face the world alone, I really miss my team

Oh my brothers and my sisters, we used to fight a lot
But now we seem to get along, ‘cause they’re all that I’ve got

My parents prized computer, to me they said they’d lend
But if I drop it on the floor, they’ll never share again

I miss my little buddy, they miss me I am told
I hope we’ll be together soon, before they get too old

The quarantine’s a challenge, it makes me very sad
I wish that I could give them hugs, I miss them really bad

It’s hard to pay attention with all my LEGOS here at home
I miss my real life classroom where I could freely roam.

It's hard to be a Level 3 because we have to wait
Until we're all together to watch us graduate

We know it's not forever, one day this life will stop
Enjoy this time with those you love, make sure you hug them lots

from the Upper Elementary:

A very unique "last day of school"...
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