We want to remind our friends that the “April in Paris” photography exhibit from Peter Fetterman Gallery will be on view through June.  This is the last month to see the incredible images of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Willy Ronis, Edouard Boubat, Raymond Cauchetier, Marc Riboud, Robert Doisneau,
Elliot Erwitt and Louis Stettner.

( Henri Cartier-Bresson courtesy of Peter Fetterman Gallery )

   The silver gelatin prints are all signed by the artists and archivally-framed. 

Don’t miss seeing them in our second floor gallery!

    In case some of you are not aware, this show is the beginning of a gallery-sharing adventure between Just Folk and Peter Fetterman Gallery. 
We are very excited about Santa Barbara’s interest in photography and are looking forward to bringing our Self-Taught and Outsider art to Peter's gallery at Bergamot Station next spring.  With the advent of Uber, AirBnB and other populist-sharing experiences, we think that our three month pop-up gallery-share is a great cooperative experiment.  Hope you do, too.  



We had the most glorious booth at the Metro Show earlier this year in New York!  Asked to curate the booth to one particular interest, we chose to show the Icons of Folk Art from our collection.  Each work is featured in “American Primitive” and/or “American Vernacular,” the “bibles” of American Folk art.  Here are a few shots of some of the extraordinary pieces we featured in the show, many acquired from prestigious collections and galleries.  
A complete catalogue from the show is on our website

Just Folk-Metro Curates 2015
click and watch Susan in action!

   Just Folk’s presence on 1stDibs and InCollect as well as our expanded website  continues to draw new viewers and purchases have been strong.  
The power and reach of the internet is extraordinary.   
How lucky we are to be living in this time! 
    Outsider and Self-Taught art is hot!  The American Folk Art Museum has had several very successful shows, one of which, Self-Taught Genius, is touring the country and creating quite a stir.  It is currently at The Mingei Museum in San Diego.  The Mingei also has an incredible show of Black Dolls, which is very worth seeing if you’re in that area.  More and more museums are adding Self-Taught artworks to their permanent collections.  The new Whitney features several Bill Traylor works and the Smithsonian has purchased a collection of African-American Quilts.  
denim quilt, Just Folk 


Los Angeles County Museum recently had a Sam Doyle show and has acquired a number of other Outsider artworks.  Last year, the Philadelphia Museum had a spectacular show of Outsider Art from the Bonovitz collection.  Critical response to the Outsider Art Fair and the aforementioned exhibits is very positive.  We at Just Folk are thrilled to have been one of the first galleries to feature this work on the west coast, and we continue to discover and collect new works in this category.

Have a productive, fulfilling summer and stay tuned for news as we have it! 
And please do a rain dance for your friends in California.

With all best,
Susan, Marcy, Kathleen, Deirdre and Fernando

It's our birthday!  Happy 8th birthday to us!

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