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Dear Friends of Pursue-

We have some exciting announcements.  Please read to the end!

Heart Rate Monitors
We are thrilled to announce the introduction of Heart Rate Monitors (HRMs) to all of our cycle and condition classes.  HRMs are a wellness tool that can be used to track heart rate zones.  Working in different zones allows users to see energy used (calories burned), watts (effort/output), and can even simulate an athletic competition between users in class.  The implementation of HRMs will allow you the option to track your workout date to help achieve various performance, weight, and strength training goals, and the HRMs are capable of syncing with our Pursue branded app*.  Not only will the Pursue branded app allow you to track your in-studio workouts, but also track your outdoor athletic endeavors, simply by pairing your HRM to the Pursue app, and wearing it while you run, ski, hike, or bike.  If you’d like more information about training in different heart rate zones, please click here.

HRMs are available for purchase at Pursue ($90 for forearm band, or $70 for chest band).  Members can also use their own HRM if it is ANT+ compatible.  Some HRM brands that are compatible with our Pursue app include: Garmin, Mio, MyZone, Polar, Scosche, Suunto, Wahoo, and Orange Theory.  In order to achieve accurate heart rate readings, it is necessary that users update all their personal information at or in the new Pursue branded app (NOT the MindBody app), and ensure your profile has your accurate gender, height, weight, and birthdate listedIf you already have a compatible HRM (see list of compatible HRMs above), go to your Pursue account and enter the Monitor ID Under “Preferences.” The Monitor ID can be found on the back of the monitor itself (not the strap).  If you do not already own an HRM, but are uncertain if you want to purchase one, we have several available for rent for $5 to evaluate if this will be a useful tool for you.  Please note that the use of HRMs is optional, not required. 

Because this is a new-to-Pursue technology, we appreciate your patience as our staff familiarizes themselves with the HRM software.  As with the implementation of all new systems, we will need some time to work out any glitches, as troubleshooting can be stressful in the moment while class is going on.   To ensure the most seamless introduction possible, we ask that you input your personal info into your Pursue account prior to your first Condition or Cycle class, and arrive several minutes early to class, so we can help make sure your HRM is paired and ready to go.  Please note that some teachers may choose not to use the HRM system at all in the first few weeks, but by mid February ALL classes will be using the HRM software.  

*Pursue's very own App
DOWNLOAD IT NOW - it’s free! 

  • Go to your app store

  • Search for “Pursue JH”
  • Download

  • Open it and login
 with your Pursue login credentials
  • Explore. Look for your profile so you can update your credit card, HRM preferences and add your HRM ID right there.
  • Schedule classes.  And,  introducing “Pick a bike”- when you go to reserve your spot in a cycle class, you get to choose which bike you want!

  • Cancel classes.
  • Buy. You can purchase memberships, class credits, private sessions and merchandise.    
The app also allows members to “self check-out” any merchandise you see in the studio and want to sport around town.  All of our branded merchandise is provided through an honor system (your phone is always in your hand as you come in or leave, right?).  Various sizes and styles can be found in the tall cabinets next to the display wall.  Note that HRMs will need to be purchased directly through Pursue staff.  

How to purchase merchandise from your phone: 
    •    From your Pursue app, click the “buy” button

    •    Scroll through membership, class credits, private sessions, and select  “Class” section, where you will find all the merchandise categorized.  

    •    Checkout

Finally, please tell your friends about our FREE class offer, for anyone who has never been to Pursue.  The promo code link free class will be valid until February 25, 2020. 

Thank You,

Your Pursue Team

P.S.  Please remember to carry in your clean training shoes to Condition and Cycle, and consider bringing your own "yogi toes" to heated yoga classes!

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