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Dear Members,

We open our doors in less than 24-hours!!!  Below is everything you need to know about...

  • What to expect the first few weeks of opening

  • Cleanliness & Etiquette Policies

  • Membership & Class Cancellation Policies

  • Green Initiatives

  • Parking


What to expect the first few weeks…

  • New instructor verbal and hands-on cueing!  While you’ve been busy waiting, we’ve been busy training our instructors!  We encourage you to be open to some of the new cues you’ll be hearing and feeling in class.  Know that these cues and the language are a result of our commitment and promise to continuously be evolving and providing you with the very BEST exercise and training philosophies rooted in science.  There is a reason and intention behind every word, direction, and adjustment - to make you better, stronger, and less prone to injury!

  • Delayed opening of 24-hour gym access as we await arrival & installation of our keyless entry technology.

  • Awaiting the arrival of our floor mats in the bathrooms so bring an extra towel if you plan on showering! 

Pursue Member Cleaning Policies
Golden Rule: Leave it cleaner than you found it!

We are thrilled to be able to offer such a robust group fitness class schedule and the addition of our 24-hour, off-hour studio access (which will start soon).  What this means is the ability to provide opportunities for around-the-clock movement.  What it also means is a lot of sweaty bodies, showers, bathroom use, and A LOT of cleaning up. 

Pursue will provide a professional deep cleaning service daily, but there will not be a professional cleaning service or staff member dedicated to cleaning in between classes.  Therefore, it is essential that each of us takes responsibility to clean up after ourselves in order to preserve a clean beautiful space for everyone at all times!  Here is a checklist to make sure you leave your workout and bathroom areas as clean, or cleaner, than you found them:

  • Bathrooms: Sanitizing wipe dispensers will be available in each bathroom.  Please wipe down sink and counter areas (all makeup, hair, lotion, standing water, hair products, etc.), remove hair from drains (after showering), and wipe down toilet (if necessary) after use.  If you leave it sparkling, the next person will too!

  • Shoes/Footwear:  No outdoor shoes permitted.  We recommend you have a pair of “gym” specific shoes you use only for indoor training.  It is impossible to maintain the level of exceptional quality, cleanliness, and service we pride ourselves on when outdoor shoes are worn to train in the studio.  Cycle shoes for cycle class are welcome but not required – again we kindly ask that cycle shoes are clean and not the same ones used for muddy mountain biking trail rides.  Sticky socks are required for barre and Megaformer classes. 

  • Equipment: Sanitizing wipes are available in each studio.  We expect everyone to take responsibility for wiping down the equipment they used in each training session, and to return used equipment to it’s dedicated home after each session (no matter if attending a group class or using 24-hour gym access).

Pursue Student Class Cancellation Policy
Thank you for being mindful of our Pursue cancellation policy.  These policies are put in place to ensure everyone who wants to attend class, can!  You may have noticed our classes are in high demand, and when clients no-show or late cancel it prevents others from attending class, especially if there is a waitlist.  If you early cancel, that just makes someone else’s day, because now they can come to class!

  • All classes before 9am have an 8-hour cancellation policy.  All no-shows or cancellations within the 8-hour cancellation window will be charged a $30 cancellation fee.  

  • All other classes from 9am to 6:30 pm, have a 90-minute cancellation policy.  All no-shows or cancellations within the 90-minute cancellation window will be charged a $30 cancellation fee. 

Membership “Hold” Policy
Monthly auto-renew memberships are eligible for one hold per calendar year. This hold must be longer than one month and no more than six weeks.

Internal Schedule Changes, Substitute Instructors, and Group Class Cancellation Policy
We reserve the right to cancel any class at any time due to instructor or studio emergency, illness, low attendance, or any other unforeseen circumstance.  Please note, any last minute changes to the schedule will be communicated via text or email but instructors may change without notice.

Our Commitment to the Preservation of our Planet & Eco-Friendly Initiatives
Our new space is dedicated to the preservation of our planet, so we have adopted several new eco-friendly initiatives, including:

  • Cancellation of Towel Service.  In an effort to cut back on our water usage, we will no longer be providing towels at Pursue – this includes towels for sweat, cold cloths, yogitoes yoga towels, and bath towels.  This step alone will help us conserve up to 200 gallons of water every day and decrease our energy usage and emissions from hours of towel drying. 

  • Water Bottle Filling Stations. Pursue has two filtered water bottle filling stations and attached water fountains so you can get your hydrate on!  And cold, filtered water tastes extra delicious in our new Pursue branded water bottles!

  • Installation of infrared heating technology for heated classes.  Infrared heaters use infrared light (a light invisible to the naked eye) that works much like the direct heat from the sun by not heating the air, but objects themselves.  Because infrared heaters use light technology to heat objects, they do not add pollution to the air like carbon combustions and toxic emissions. This keeps the environment free from pollutants, thus adding to the contribution of healthier, cleaner air!

  • All heating elements set to 24-hour timers based on class schedule and when guests are in the building.

  • Installation of all LED lights and motion sensors throughout the space.

Please honor the request from our neighbors at Jackson Parlour, who have asked that we keep the handful of spots in front of their business clear for their patrons. Thank you for respecting this request. 

Wrap Up
Our mission is to offer you a beautiful, inspiring, clean space to pursue your wellness goals. We hope you can help us in this effort by treating Pursue with respect and love as it’s your home too!  Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns regarding the information and policies outlined above.  


The Pursue Team


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Copyright © 2020 Pursue JH, All rights reserved.

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