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2015 is awesome and the theme has been all about building the communities we all want to be a part of. So far we've spent a great deal of time with local Silver Springers and some folks who have commuted from DC and NoVa to be a part of the fun and love. 

Here's what's been happening:

In January we spent some time with our buddies at Creative Colony for a bit o' workplace wellness. At "Zen Hour, Zen New Year" a group of colleagues received acupuncture together and spent some restful and reflective time in "winter mode." This mode is what allows us to restore our resources and allow for potential to take form so we can spring forth into action as the temps. warm up again. 

We also collaborated with our friends at Denizens Brewing Co., to offer an interactive community wellness open house. Participants learned some yoga poses to use at work, tried acupuncture for the first time, enjoyed a brewery tour and beer tasting (which came with a special "which beer are you quiz" and a recipe to match from our friend Jessica Braider at The Balanced Kitchen), and we created a vision board together! Silver Springers have some important themes for 2015 and they beautifully highlight the heart of our community, which is apropos since we've been recently voted the most caring suburb in America! Joy's given us a recap of these themes in her latest blog

Starting February 1st, Sam and Rachel have been taking on fitness in bite size pieces and you are invited to join! We are stronger and more committed when we do it together. Take a walk and strike a pose; do you accept the challenge?!

Looking back at accomplishments for 2014 we know there is much to celebrate. One of our favorites is that we gave away $1900 in wellness services to individuals who may otherwise have not had access. As you may recall, our Indiegogo campaign last fall included a commitment to support the community with $1689 worth of free or discounted services, made possible by our beloved donors. 

Now, let's talk the future.

In Chinese culture the Chinese New year marks the transition from winter into spring (February 19, 2015). Each year has an astrological association; 2015 is the year of the Yin Wood Sheep. As we thaw out and wake up from hibernation here's what you might like to know about what this transition will bring:

Yin is more about "being" than "doing". While 2014 (a Yang or "doing" year) was incredibly full with activity and even conflict (think not just personally, yet nationally and internationally too), 2015 is more about receptivity than action. Take note of what you've seen or experienced as a result of all of the action and change in 2014, and now allow yourself to let it sink in softly. 2015 has room for reflection, meditation and old fashioned being quiet, and this is what will let last year's activity take more grounded form this year.

Wood is an element that engenders creativity, strategy, vision and flexibility. 2014 (also a wood year) inspired ideas and direction, and some conflict as those ideas spouted into big change. Now it's up to you to determine how would you like to meet the vision you have carved out for yourself and even the world. In which circumstances will it serve you to be more flexible, and in which do you need to hold your ground? What activities allow you to feel like your inner child's creativity is being expressed? What do you really want your life to look like on a daily basis and how can you create it to look that way? As you ponder these questions, just sit with the curiosity and let the answers emerge from within.

The sheep is an animal who fares best in community and hence represents a sense of harmony amongst living beings. It's nature is nurturing and grounded, the qualities we typically find in excellent peacekeepers. This year things can come back to center, disagreements can be settled and you can find nourishment from within yourself by checking in with what really matters to you; clarify your needs from your wants. Keep connected to the people you find the most harmony with, help one another other with daily life and keep things simple - there is no need to make things complicated.

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Workplace wellness at Creative Colony

February 11thDesk Wellness Tips and practices for desk, workflow, & email wellness

March 11thSundown Yoga Happy Hour Gentle yoga to end the workday followed by relaxing together over Happy Hour 

Anyone can join us for these events! Stop by and see what it's like when we build a world together where work can be the perfect opportunity to practice being well.
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