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The Canadian Race Relations Foundation Honours Black History Month

TORONTO, February 1, 2019. The Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) joins all Canadians to celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Black Canadians to Canadian society during Black History Month.

In December 1995, the House of Commons recognized February as Black History Month in Canada, following a motion introduced by Jean Augustine. Ms. Augustine has the distinction of being a first Black Canadian woman elected to the Canadian Parliament. In the Senate, Donald Oliver, the first Black Canadian appointed to that body, brought forward a motion to make Black History Month a reality. That motion passed unanimously on March 4, 2008.

The CRRF encourages all Canadians to learn more about some of the historical events that have helped to shape the contributions of Black Canadians to the culture, growth and development of Canada and to take advantage of the many events celebrating Black History Month, which can be found on the Ministry of Canadian Heritage’s website at:

About the Canadian Race Relations Foundation

The purpose of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation is to facilitate throughout Canada the development, sharing and application of knowledge and expertise in order to contribute to the elimination of racism and all forms of racial discrimination in Canadian society. The work of the Foundation is premised on the desire to create and nurture an inclusive society based on equity, social harmony, mutual respect and human dignity. Its underlying principle in addressing racism and racial discrimination emphasizes positive race relations and the promotion of shared Canadian values of human rights and democratic institutions.
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