Spring is a time when fresh local produce is available in abundance. Our feature summer salads excite your taste buds and refresh your palate.
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Cucumber Dill Pasta Salad
A light and refreshing tri-color pasta salad combining crisp cucumbers and a creamy flavorful dressing. This is perfect for a summer picnic. 

Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh red peppers, and feta cheese is tossed with an easy-to-make herb dressing.

Sweet Curry Pasta Salad
Whole wheat pasta with raisins, almond slivers, and fresh red peppers tossed in a light dressing makes this a healthy and versatile side dish.

Spinach Couscous
A quick and easy side dish for any meal, this vegetarian couscous is light, fluffy, and deliciously spicy.
Month of June Shows

June 1st - St. Catharines - Niagara VegFest

June 14th - Hamilton - Hamilton VegFest at Ancaster Fairgrounds

June 28th & 29th/July 1st - Cobourg - Rotary Club of Cobourg Arts & Crafts Festival

A New Recipe using our Spinach Couscous


Warm Couscous & Grilled Vegetable Salad


Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 20 Minutes

What You Need:

 - 1 Package of Everythingnice Spinach Couscous
 - 3 Cups of Fresh Vegetables (mushrooms, peppers, onions, zucchini)
 - 1/4 Cup of Red Wine Vinegar
 - 1/4 Cup of Oil plus 1 Tbsp.
 - 2 Green Onions (optional)
 - Skewers


1. Prepare Everythingnice Spinach Couscous as per directions.
2. Cut vegetables into approx 2" square chunks and toss in 1 Tbsp of oil.
3. Place vegetables on skewers and roast on barbeque for approx. 8-10 minutes turning frequently until slightly roasted.
4. Cut vegetables into bite-sized pieces.
5. Combine couscous, vegetables, chopped green onions, red wine vinegar, and remaining oil.
6. This salad can be served warm or cold.

7. Serves 6.