WFEO Newsletter,    August 2015
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 About us
New materials!
A new leaflet and presentation available now.
 Register now! Everyone's going to WECC
It is the world's largest gathering of the engineering profession. It welcomes thousands of delegates representing tens of millions of engineers from every corner of the globe. It aims to foster peace and progress for all of humanity by encouraging advances in engineering and international collaboration. It began at the start of the new millennium, and only takes place every four years.

The World Engineering Conference and Convention will be held in Kyoto, Japan from 29th November to 2nd December. The prestigious venue hosted the Kyoto Protocol talks. The host is the Japan Federation of Engineering Societies.

Everyone interested in engineering, innovation and society is invited!

The WFEO General Assembly meetings will take place at WECC2015 from 28th November to 4th December.

WFEO Members registration is here.   Public registration is here.  Early bird advance registration rates are available until 31st August.

See you in Kyoto!
 2015 a crucial year for engineering & world
The Sendai World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction started a very busy year for the international community - a year where decisions are made that will effect the path of human development for generations to come.

WFEO is the voice of engineers in these talks, and in the United Nations system as a whole. WFEO was in Sendai, and is now busy with preparations for the Sustainable Development Goals summit in New York next month and the COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris.

Sendai - Disaster Risk
WFEO was represented at the Sendai conference by Prof. Toshimitsu Komatsu - chair of the committee on Disaster Risk Management. The Sendai negotiations established targets to reduce disaster risk, and WFEO has published the proceedings on its website. The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) is promoting a new ISO standard on resilient and sustainable development of cities (ISO 37120), which will be directly relevant to the work of many urban infrastructure professionals.

New York - Sustainable Development
The final report of the Millennium Development Goals was published last month, providing an opportunity to reflect on their progress, as well as the progress of the global engineering profession since the 2004 World Engineers' Convention 'Shanghai Declaration' committed engineers to these goals.

The WFEO-United Nations Relations Committee has been engaging in the meetings running up to the September summit at the United Nations. WFEO is a co-organising partner of the Science & Technology Major Group and co-ordinates its work with science body ICSU and social science body ISSC.

Paris - Climate Change

You can read a summary of WFEO participation in the COP-20 Meetings in Lima, Peru in December 2014. We are very grateful to our National Member Colegio de Ingenieros del Peru for their assistance.

The WFEO Committee on Engineering in the Environment has been taking part in the UNFCCC climate change meetings in Bonn, and attended again in June to represent engineering. The committee is also helping to prepare an 'Engineers Climate Change Summit' on 8th December in Paris for COP21.

If WFEO members have any research, reports, statements or views relevant to the SDGs and Climate Change negotiations, please share them with us.

With so many engineers involved in disaster relief work, we are also monitoring developments in preparation for the World Humanitarian Summit.

You can see a log of all our engagements with the United Nations here.
 Nominations now open for WFEO awards
National members now have until 31st August to submit nominations for: Nominations can be submitted using online or offline forms from the WFEO website. The awards will be presented at the WFEO Gala Dinner on 3rd December at the World Engineering Conference & Convention in Kyoto.
 Abuja WECSI conference: a triumph!
These were some of the fantastic scenes of the World Engineering Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure that took place in Abuja, Nigeria in November last year.

The proceedings of the conference are now available on the WFEO website.

Review the #WECSI2014 conversation on Twitter and the event communique.
 Updates from across WFEO
President's update:
  • WFEO President Marwan Abdelhamid visited China in May to meet with the China Association for Science and Technology, the Beijing Institute of Technology and the Chinese Institute of Electronics. A special WFEO-China meeting was also held, to bring together all the Chinese participants of WFEO's committees.
  • The President chaired the Executive Council meetings held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris in December (see picture below), and the meetings are summarised in the Executive Director's report.
  • The President spoke on the topic of 'International Engineering Leadership' at the Engineers Australia National Convention and Conference.
  • The President and Executive Board has established a group to lead the development of the 'Africa Catalyst' concept to support engineering capacity building across Africa. The concept is based on the 'Abuja Declaration' which the President signed with the Federation of African Engineering Organisations (FAEO) in December 2013, and on the Memorandum of Understanding with the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) signed in April 2014.
  • In 2017, WFEO will celebrate its 50th Anniversary. The President appointed Past President Bud Carol as honorary chair of the working group overseeing the celebrations, with Past President Kamel Ayadi leading on preparations.
Executive Council meetings
Executive Council
Executive Director's update:
  • Preparations are well under way now for the World Engineering Conference and Convention in Kyoto, which incorporates the WFEO General Assembly. The General Assembly will be held on 3rd & 4th December. A draft programme for WFEO members is now available online.
  • Visitors to the WFEO office in Paris should note that we have moved offices and are now based in the main UNESCO Science 'Bonvin' building.
  • The Executive Board and Standing Technical Committee Chairs held meetings in Paris in March. A President's Advisors Meeting also took place. Special sessions were held to discuss key areas of activity, such as CoP21 climate conference work, collaboration with the International Engineering Alliance, the development of the 'Africa Catalyst' concept,  WECC 2015 preparations, Marketing and relations with the United Nations.
Executive Board meetings
  • WFEO participated in the International Conference of Non-Governmental Organisations at UNESCO in Paris on the theme 'Re-enchanting the World with the Post-2015 Development Agenda' with sessions on water, sustainable development and climate change.

    The resolution made at the meeting called on civil society organisations (such as engineering institutions) to:
    • express their views on the Post-2015 development agenda,
    • form strategic alliances for cross-cutting collaborations,
    • have strategies for inclusion of marginalised groups.
  • The WFEO President-Elect, Jorge Spitalnik, signed the 'Nuclear for Climate' declaration - organised by a group of national nuclear societies.
From our committees:
  • Innovation:
    Another new book has been released by the committee. "Sensor Networks for Air Pollution" was launched in Bangalore at the WFEO session of the Indian Technology Congress. Please contact the committee chair for copies. Recently published monographs on 3D Printing and Bioprinting are also available.
  • Anti-Corruption:
    Progress is being made on the proposed ISO 37001 standard for Anti-Bribery Management Systems - see this update from the ISO.

    The proposed new standard is currently being circulated with WFEO national members for discussion with national standards bodies, and to support its publication as a new standard.

    The Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre has been instrumental in developing this standard and has our thanks.
Brand: "Engineering for Everyone"

WFEO's Marketing Task Force has released new materials to help members communicate and promote the federation:
  • WFEO Presentation
  • WFEO Leaflet
  • Thematic leaflets
  • Brand Manual
See them at
 Update the world: CHECK YOUR DETAILS!
WFEO launched three new tools on its website last year to help visitors and members to better navigate, promote and develop the engineering profession.

We are now asking members to check and update their details in these resources:

1. The World's Engineering Organisations directory - Add entry - Request Change

2. The World's Engineering Days listing - contact us to add and update

3. The Natural Disaster Risk Management resource database - Add resource
 WFEO pays respects to Jose Medem
José Medem Sanjuan, WFEO President from 1999 to 2003, sadly passed away at the start of this year.

José was also a past President of the European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE), the European Federation of National Engineering Organisations (FEANI) and the World Council of Civil Engineers (WCCE). He also supported the establishment of the Pan-American Academy of Engineers (PAI). 

Prof. Miguel Yadarola, who worked closely with José Medem at WFEO, "José deserves the recognition of the engineering organisations of the world, which José presided over with expertise and generosity, without sparing effort, delivering his knowledge and his enthusiasm."
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Forthcoming national engineers' days from our international listing:

Alert! UNESCO Africa Engineering Week will take place from 14-19 September at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Events with WFEO, ZIE, ECZ & WCCE planned.
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