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Are you ready for some Big Fiddle?

Episode 5 of Music Makes a City Now has just launched. We're excited to present the premiere of fiddler and composer Jeremy Kittel's Big Fiddle — a folk/classical combo that Teddy compares to the work of past composers who drew from the popular music of their day.

The episode also features Kentucky crossover cellist Ben Sollee, who rehearses and performs the piece with Jeremy Kittel on violin, Teddy and the Louisville Orchestra.  

“This piece goes back to two loves of mine: fiddling, which is basically groove music...combined with my love of orchestral music. The sound of an orchestra, there’s just nothing like it.”
Jeremy Kittel, composer and violinist

“The rhythm is not just precise. It's expressive. Because it's solid. It's solid. It means something.”
Teddy Abrams, Music Director, The Louisville Orchestra


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Episode 5: Big Fiddle

Teddy Abrams brings composer and violinist Jeremy Kittel and his original work “Big Fiddle” to the Louisville Orchestra along with crossover cellist Ben Sollee.

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The documentary film Music Makes a City chronicled the historic rise of the Louisville Orchestra in the mid-twentieth century, and aired nationally on PBS.

Music Makes a City Now, a new original web series by Owsley Brown Presents follows music makers in communities across America. The story begins with 27-year-old conductor, composer and rising star Teddy Abrams’ first season as Music Director of the Louisville Orchestra.

The first five episodes are now streaming online and more episodes are in production.

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