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More Speakers & Performers!

Dear Friends,
TEDxLugano is just around the corner and we are proud to take this opportunity to share some more information on this year’s speakers and performers.



Professor at Franklin University & Researcher
Pamela is now a full-time academic, but her passion for research at the crossroads of marketing and innovation draws on her background as a manager and management consultant for companies in a wide range of industries.
"We are making fascinating discoveries about the sources of innovation and entrepreneurship. People around the world, at home and at work, are turning their needs for better products into prosperous new businesses of their own. Sharing these discoveries may unleash the potential for innovation that lurks within each of us."


Freelance Designer & Front-end Developer
Martynas is a motivational speaker and self-proclaimed "super-spy." Martynas' quest and passion for personal growth and improvement has introduced him to thousands of people. Very few of those people have the foundation that they need to carry through on the vast amounts of knowledge that they have at their fingertips. Martynas wants to share that foundation in the hopes that there will be more doing and less being for the human race.


Shaolin Master, Trainer, Consultant & Writer
Walter has been called a "cultural acrobat" and the "monk of strategy." Born in Italy but with mixed European origins, Walter has combined lifelong studies in Shaolin culture, which eventually made him the first non-Chinese Shaolin 32nd generation Master.
"I will speak at TEDxLugano to share a cross-cultural and cross-epochal approach to performance embraced as a journey and not as a destination; performance resulting
from wellness and not to the detriment of it."


Lifehacker, Entrepreneur & Startup advisor
Entrepreneurship is the driving passion in Ryan's life. Working for companies and institutions in Ticino, he has immersed himself in a culture of startups and innovation. He will be joining TEDxLugano to share one of his own innovations of being a "lifehacker." By combining creativity and performance he has found that "life hacking is relevant not only to his own success, but to the progress of humanity as a whole." 


Professional Freediver
Dena was born and raised in Iran until the age of 13, after which she moved to Denmark. Water has always been an important part of her life, with some even referring to her as a modern-day mermaid due to her career as a successful freediver. Following recent successes, Dena was awarded a wild card for the World Cup in 2015.


Singer Georgia Knower and guitarist Fabricio Mattos push music to new levels in their band Colours of Eden. By involving a variety of different music styles and performing in seven different languages, they are a uniquely cross-cultural group.


The Ticinese band Tipsy Road mixes the sounds of hard and progressive rock. They will be entertaining us during our social aperitivo.


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See you soon.
The TEDxLugano Team
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