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Discover the theme and concept behind TEDxLugano 2015

Dear Friends,
On April 18th 2015 at Franklin University, Sorengo, we will be back with a new challenge and a new theme: (Hy-)performance, which means pushing any activity in your life through its obvious limits, overperforming, reaching hypertrophy, making unreal real, trailblazing, discovering the undiscovered.

The 2nd edition of TEDxLugano will challenge speakers and audience with an essential question “Is the ability to perform enough, if not pushed over the limits, beyond what the eyes can see?” On the scientific end, any performance has its expectations, limits, and benchmarks. However, from the standpoint of culture and art, performance leaves a print that gives a personal meaning and perspective to where a certain story belongs. 

TEDxLugano speakers will be examining performance and pushing it to new horizons of thought.

Studying the concept of limits and performance, our designer Antonio Giorgio Pesce Costa was inspired by a Nobel Prize winner, William Butler Yeats who stated that performers do best while putting on a mask that pushes their own character to the limit of their opposite personality, thus connecting the unconnectable.

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