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September 2015 Issue

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AMP does the Madiba Jive

The 18th of July is Mandela Day – a day where people from all over the world take action to commemorate the life, values and legacy of the wonderful Nelson Mandela. In the past, at AMP, we have spent time considering how, as an organisation, we can potentially benefit from Mandela day and people’s and companies’ positive intentions of generosity and action. This year however, we realised that there was no reason why we too, shouldn’t strive to give and share.  Given our constraints as well as our preference to do something that was fun and uniting for us, we opted to take part as a team in the wonderful Madiba Jive initiave.  After all who doesn’t love to dance?  How the initiative worked was that our staff made a financial contribution to Nelson Mandela Foundation and No Danger Diaries and then created our own Madiba Jive - A 60 second video clip of our team all doing the classic Madiba Shuffle.  This was then up-loaded to the Madiba Jive site and formed part of the classic Madiba Jive mash-up.

It was a huge amount of fun to do this and wonderful to have some of our long-time supporters and new interns join us. 

'It is music and dancing that makes me at peace with the world' ~ Nelson Mandela

AMP on the Move

AMP has had quite a whirlwind few months, as, on top of our regular programme operations, we had to deal with a number of burglaries at our office followed by the unexpected news that our office property had been sold and that we had to find a new premises quickly!
We want to extend our thanks to all of those who responded to the news of the break-ins at our office. Over the last couple of months we have received donations in-kind of clothing, blankets and food to replenish our stolen supply, and have received incredibly generous monetary donations to help us replace some of the greater losses that the insurance pay out did not cover. The helping hands were extended from literally all corners of the world! From the US, to Europe, to our very own community here in Cape Town, our supporters really banded together to provide AMP with incredibly generous and caring support. We are really so touched by the response and eternally grateful to you all for not only the material support, but the moral support as well. We would never have been able to recover as quickly and fully as we have without you.
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Feedback from the Field

By: John Fifteen

The Peer Support Group Programme has been a very rewarding experience for me personally. The supervision and support I have received from our supervisor Ane has been therapeutic for me as I was able to mend my ruptured self-esteem, gain confidence, and self-actualise. I have also seen first-hand how the support groups have helped many of AMP’s beneficiaries. In particular, the resource information sheet that we have provided has aided a lot of people in terms of knowing where to get services and how to access them. One of our group members did not know about PASSOP or UCT Law Clinic. He had overstayed his visa and his asylum claim had been rejected. We referred him to UCT Law Clinic for advice and he was successfully granted six months extension on his permit. Some other of our participants have enrolled for short courses at places like Scalabrini or Job Start.  Others I have come across later on say they now have jobs and have built confidence in themselves. Many have said that topics such as problem solving, communication and goal setting have helped and transformed their lives. 


Intern Reflections

Below are some reflections from one of AMP’s short-term interns Denise Doetsch who we hosted at AMP from February to May this year. Denise is from Germany and is completing her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Friedrich-Alexander University in Nuremburg.  Denise was a great help during her time with us and we will miss her and her bright smile. 

I got to spend three wonderful, inspiring and life-changing months interning with AMP and it was an experience which helped me see things from a different perspective and truly made me a better person. All the things I learned and all the special memories I created are due to the really unique people I met while working at AMP. The team welcomed me with open arms and the atmosphere was supportive, helpful and full of warmth throughout my whole internship, so that I felt like part of the team from the very beginning. The clients and beneficiaries with their touching and inspiring life stories also had a huge impact on me. Especially the ladies from the peer support groups that I got to know impressed me with their strength, cheerfulness and motivation to pursue their dreams.

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Did you know you can support AMP through MySchool?

AMP has been a beneficiary of MySchool for two years now and has received a steady stream of close to R1,000 per month since we signed up with them.  MySchool is a very practical way for our supporters to contribute to AMP without costing you a cent.  You can carry on as usual with your monthly shopping, and AMP receives donations on your behalf!

If you already have a MySchool card, you can select AMP as your beneficiary HERE 

If you do not have a MySchool card, you can sign up for one HERE 

Thank You to the US Consulate of Cape Town for organising a food and clothing drive for AMP in honour of Mandela Day. We are truly grateful for your support!
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