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As research everywhere makes greater use of computing services, instruments and sensors, researchers demand high availability of serious volumes of data storage, and need rapid access to flexible and capable IT resources. 

QRIScloud is part of a national infrastructure that brings cloud computing and data storage to researchers by providing economical access to IT resources via the internet. It makes advanced computing technologies available to researchers in a simple and cost-effective manner so that you can focus on your research.

Using QRIScloud you can use on-demand access to virtual hardware, and run portals, software and applications in the cloud to:
  • compute using multiple virtual CPUs;
  • host web services;
  • store research data;
  • share data across research groups and communities;
  • collaborate with peers nationally and internationally.

Computing Services

QRIScloud offers a range of services to provide research with new capabilities. Through the coming months and into 2015 more on-demand services will be introduced. Using QRIScloud resources you can:
  • Access compute power using a virtual machine (VM) without having to buy and install physical hardware. Virtual machines are very flexible because they can be created with different specifications to suit individual needs.
  • Store large amounts of research data in the cloud where it is managed through QRIScloud and you can share it with other researchers.
  • Access a range of tools and applications via the cloud to suit many of the more common research requirements. Researchers can use the latest versions of the software without needing a team to manage technical details such as security updates.
For more information on QRIScloud services visit the QRIScloud website and stay tuned for future Newsfeeds.

QRIScloud Advisory Services

A team of highly skilled and responsive eResearch Analysts (eRAs) will advise you on the options available to best suit your research computing needs. They work in collaboration with your university IT Services (ITS) and High Performance Computing (HPC) teams to recommend the most suitable solution for you at the time you require it. eRAs are available at all QCIF member universities.

Coming Soon ... 

Additional capacity and faster compute power will come online at QRIScloud this quarter to deliver improved services to researchers.

This month, QRIScloud will increase its compute capacity by almost 9 times to offer more than 3,900 additional cores, and will double its storage capacity including 1.2 PB of high-performance storage. This will provide significantly enhanced performance and the ability to move very large data collections into the cloud. Storage capacity is planned to increase considerably to meet demand during 2014.

QRIScloud will introduce a new website to give you improved access to service and support information, along with a streamlined data storage request process online.  Member organisations will welcome improved reporting on the uptake and usage of compute and storage services.
Researchers will experience faster data upload and access speeds by the middle of this year with the addition of new services such as Aspera to ingest and move data using the full network bandwidth available.

Later this year, QRIScloud will offer a digital asset management platform called LiveArc, which will provide enhanced collections management and search functionality, along with a range of tools to support eResearch.


QRIScloud is supported through the Australian Government Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) Project (led by The University of Queensland) and National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR) (led by The University of Melbourne), by the Queensland Government Department of Science Information Technology Innovation and the Arts (DSITIA) through its Co-investment Fund and by Queensland’s universities and research institutions. RDSI and NeCTAR Projects are conducted as part of the Super Science initiative financed from the Education Investment Fund.




Issue #1, May 2014

Welcome to QRIScloud Newsfeed

In today’s digital world, research excellence depends on the availability of large quantities of on-demand computation. Some research generates massive quantities of data that need to be processed, stored and shared to further innovation. QRIScloud Newsfeed will keep you up to date as Queensland’s innovative cloud computing and data storage service, QRIScloud, develops, offering elastic high-quality cloud-based tools, applications and capabilities to researchers.

Stay informed as new services and capabilities are introduced and gain insights into what research can achieve with QRIScloud.

We’re mailing this Newsfeed to senior research staff and current users in QCIF member universities.  We invite you to forward it to your colleagues who will be interested in finding out more about QRIScloud. We also welcome feedback on the QRIScloud Newsfeed to our QRIScloud communications team

Rob Cook,
Chief Executive Officer,

QCIF, hosting QRIScloud along with our members

Featured Collection: TROVE

PaperMiner is a tool to map and visualise items retrieved from the National Library of Australia’s TROVE service. It indexes maps, images, diaries, letters, and the full text of newspapers and journals going back to colonial times. Used as a standalone search tool for TROVE, users can pull results from TROVE and map them both spatially and temporally. Users with a TROVE API key can additionally download the results for further analysis and text mining.

PaperMiner’s development was facilitated by QRIScloud infrastructure provided by QCIF and operated by The University of Queensland’s Research Computing Centre.

Milestones and Metrics

QRIScloud received an additional 380 TB of research data collections and development storage capacity in December 2013, bringing the total available QRIScloud storage capacity for research data to 1.1 PB.

The new Brisbane data centre facility for QRIScloud was provisioned and fitted out for operation in February 2014. This state-of-the-art, tier-three data centre offers a highly scalable and secure environment. It will accommodate new QRIScloud storage and compute services, as well as house existing capacity when it is relocated from St Lucia later this year.

90+ data collections are hosted in QRIScloud. Life and environmental sciences are the most highly represented disciplines.
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