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Expanding QRIScloud Data Storage

During November and December QRIScloud’s Brisbane data capacity will be upgraded to deliver the full planned QRIScloud range of data storage services. This involves the installation of a large amount of new equipment and associated software that will greatly expand capacity and offer an enhanced quality of service to users. 

We would like to advise our members and users that the equipment installation process does require some service outages. QCIF will announce these outages well in advance and plan to minimise the impact on users by working with our suppliers to reduce the number and duration of outages, and avoid business hours outages wherever possible. Once this advice has been received, please let us know if you have concerns that this may cause serious problems by notifying the QRIScloud Service Desk (see below) immediately so that remedial action can be planned.

Data storage in Brisbane will be increased from 3 to 15 petabytes of primary data including upgrades to both disk and tape subsystems. Primary data will be replicated including offsite copies to meet user needs.

I am very pleased to announce these enhancements and look forward to delivering increasing capacity, functionality and security to our members.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to share these with me directly or through our QRIScloud service desk
QRIScloud upgrades during the last quarter

Since July QCIF and its data centre operators, UQ and JCU, have added over 2.5 petabytes of additional data storage, around 1.1 petabytes in Brisbane and 1.5 petabytes in Townsville. This means that QRIScloud can now offer over 5 petabytes of data storage to the research community.

Over the same period QRIScloud increased its cloud compute capacity with a release of a further 3,800 compute cores to the national research cloud along with 200 terabytes of volume storage. QCIF has federated this capacity with the national research cloud to enable research communities across Australia to share and leverage the available capacity. Uptake is already high with almost 40% of compute capacity already in use.

As part of this work, we have implemented enhanced network security to assure data security in line with national guidelines and member expectation based on the ISO 27001 Information Security Framework and member security policies. This includes a combination of intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, enhanced host protection and activity logging that maintains expected security levels while minimising throughput and performance impacts.

A number of enhancements to our software services are being implemented once the additional capacity is in place.

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