Notting Hill blagclub to close!

Calling all blag clubbers

It is with a heavy heart and deep sorrow, that it is now confirmed that we are due to vacate the Notting Hill blagclub at the end of September 2014. The location is to be converted into flats, alas..

The Notting Hill Gate blagclub was the original blagclub and kick started what has been an amazing journey and a fabulous experience.

At a time when super clubs were the vogue, the Notting Hill blagclub offered a very Private Idaho for those that wanted an intimate funked up experience, a bespoke service and at a non-premium rate. The club was a pioneer of the rebirth of small clubs in London, which are now ubiquitous throughout.

We have met many fine people and shared momentous and landmark occasions together; some of you and us have met our life long partners at the club; some have met numerous partners!

Little did we realise that a chance meeting in a bar in Greece, would see our team come together and forge such a fine partnership.
We have witnessed staff arise from glass collectors to becoming General managers, sales personal move onto start their own clubs and others start their own businesses that have thrived beyond belief.

When we first started; the local police on introduction, voiced concerns that blag was a term for armed robbery; it is now a synonymous with great parties!
We have journeyed through booms and crunches, 48 hour lunches and resurfaced still wanting more.

Such has been the journey that some of you have kids older than the mp3; some of you see vinyl as a flooring format; some of you don’t remember where you partied, but for most, we have vivid memories of tremendous evenings, whether it be with shirts on or off.

With London as our magnet, and blag as our mantra, we have rubbed shoulders, with amazingly intelligent and creative humans from all around the globe and from just about every walk of life, but the common denominator has always been great party people who have made the venue and blagclub what it is.

London residents now pay huge amounts for a home such as ours in the heart of Notting Hill and we can no longer keep at bay the seismic housing boom, whose bubbles, come September, will blow us away.

If you want to come and party with us before we leave, please get in contact.

We want to hear from you and to arrange a numerous send-offs that the unique site deserves.

We have refurbished the venue, with a contemporary twist, so as to ensure some great parties before we leave.

You can see updated images @

Please make contact to

Many thanks from all the blagclub team.

Blag on.

Party with us.

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