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The Mercer County Amateur Radio Club

 The June 25, 2019 meeting for MCARC brings a 
 Presentation by Cory W3CDG

I am pleased to announce that Cory Gibson, W3CDG  will present Amateur Radio Fox Hunting on Tuesday, June 25th at Sharpsville VFW.

All radio amateurs are welcome. 
The Fox Hunt is an informal hunt held for the enjoyment of the participants, and to train amateur radio operators to learn, refine, and use direction finding skills. These hunts are a fun activity, and everyone is invited to participate.

W3LIF Field Day at K3LR.

Saturday June 22 Elmer classes and setup at 11 AM. Field Day on air at 2 PM Saturday thru 2 PM on Super Sunday.

June 22 and June 23, 2019

The June Meeting at Sharpsville VFW

215 N Walnut St, Sharpsville, PA 16150
The Elmer session will start at 6 pm fellowed by the regular business meeting at 7 pm and a speaker.

June 25, 2019 Regular Meeting starts at 7pm

MCARC badges with logo are available from / phone: 513-702-4641
This is the White Badge, W/LOGO
Wooden Call sign Badge may be ordered from: 
The URL for the site

PLEASE be sure to include that you are with the Mercer County Amateur Radio Club and not the Mississippi Coast Amateur Radio Association. They are working on adding our club to the site but has not happened yet.


MCARC Fox Hunt: June 30th, 1:30pm at Buhl Park.  Learn all about the Fox Hunt at the June 25th Meeting Elmer Session  starting at 6pm.
Amateur Radio Get Together

Join us with all your HAM friends.
June , Noon at Rosie’s downtown. If anyone needs any info or has question they can email me at or call or text at 724-456-7068 
Bryan, KA3LUN

Calendar: Click to see Upcoming Events
Here are a few of the many activities planned for MCARC in 2019. Support your club by becoming a member.
Elmer Sessions - Ideas wanted. Step up show what you know - help others 
Scouting Radio Merit Badge Saturday April 6th  / Balloon Launch
PA Cyber Hosting a Balloon Launch in Somerset, April 27th / APRS tracking
Monthly Hospital Tests - Check in from home. Your signal report helps.
VE Sessions - Become a VE - Let candidates know where they can test
Fox Hunt - June Meeting @ Shelter 1 for Fox Hunt Demonstrations. Be the Fox June 30th 1:30pm
W3B Buhl Day - a great way to support the community
W3LIF Field Day - ELMER Classs. Bring friends, Picnic Food. 
July Club picnic - July 23, 2019 at Buhl Park
W3LIF PA QSO Party - just outstanding radio fun.
Field Trips - Day trips coming your way. Need suggestions for the new year.
ACS Support for Events. 

Balloon Launch and tracking from Somerset, PA on April 27 at 1 PM.
NEW -The addition of a 440 repeater at W3LIF its happening.
NEW - The addition of a 2M (146.685) repeater in Grove City at the Grove City Medical Center
Amateur Radio Get together at Rosies in Greenville
Breakfast Saturdays @ Denny's 9:45am - 10am in Hermitage

Your Dues support expanding repeater operation and maintenance. Support your Club.
Thursday's at 9pm it's the W3LIF Soap Box Net 145.350. A friendly way to say hello. Early Check in for those on the go starts after 8pm ish.  
W3LIF expands coverage 145.350 and 442.675 repeaters are now linked full time. Thanks to KB3GRF, Jerry L Koewacich for his donation of the 442.675 repeater.
For Mercer County Amateur Radio Club Local Nets Click the photo.

Mercer County Simplex Frequency is 146.550

Special Thank You to Violetta "Kat" KM4ATT,
For a great presentation on No Internet, No Problem and Hosting the "Team Exuberance" presentation.

Marty Sullaway, NN1C and Bryant Rascoll, KG5HVO

A Salute to a Ham Radio Family

The MCARC was introduced to Shannon, KA8JRQ Latham and his family through daughter Violetta "Kat" KM4ATT at the presentation in May.  Here is a look at this Amateur Radio family.

From the KA8JRQ QRZ web site: 

Yes, I said "family", since there are 8 licensed hams in our home: my wife Rachel (KM4ATS) and I, along with six children, aged 8-16.  No, I am not Amish although I look like it; we're Mennonites (same great taste, less filling). 

I was first licensed as KA8JRQ in 1980 when I was 13.  I climbed up through the license classes during my teens but let my license go several years ago.   Relicensed in 2014, I got my old Novice callsign back during a fit of nostalgia.  My amateur radio interests are, well, hmm, I'm not sure.  I'd like to call myself a DX'er but I'm too lazy to get up late at night to work the rare ones.  Besides, my 13 year-old extra class daughter already has more countries than I have (my 11 year-old extra class daughter likely does too)!  I'd like to call myself a CW guy but I can't seem to break above 22-23 wpm. mostly comfortable at about 13wpm or so.  And I can't be a contester because my ADHD refuses to allow me to sit still in front of the rig for 48 hours.

Most of my activities includes participating in our local club meetings and public service events with my ham family.  I also enjoy dragging home old tube boatanchors from hamfests and trying to make them work. 

Our station currently consists of a Kenwood TS-2000 and an Ameritron AL-80B as the afterburner.  Antennas include a 160 meter end-fed Zepp at 50'.

I look forward to working you on the air and I love collecting paper QSLs!   73.

Mercer County ARC supports Radio Scouting. Our Club contact is Bruce, K3BEG.
Want to learn more? Click on the Radio Scouting LOGO.
World Scout Jamboree held at the summit Bechtel Scout Reserve in West Virginia
July 18 -- August 1

Monthly Test of Hospital Radios:
Dear MCARC members:
ACS/RACES/ARES conducts the monthly hospital tests on the last Friday the month, around 6:45pm.  

Monthly, we need volunteers to go to the EOC for the test and at least one at each site committed to UPMC Horizon - Greenville, Grove City Medical Center, Sharon Regional and UMC Horizon - Farrell.  It is good to have one better to have two available to go to a specific site. Then each month visit a different site so the operators know the location and operation of each radio at any of the hospitals.
ACS/RACES/ARES applications to be turned in ASAP 

July - ACS meeting to be held Wednesday the 10th at 6:30 PM in the EOC, Mercer.

ARES Community Support of the Sharpsville Food Pantry November 9th - 5K Run/Walk.

Mercer County Simplex Frequence is 146.550

Reply via Email:
Mike Varga, NR3C

W3LIF Field Day Super Sunday Event

The Super Sunday Trophy is awarded to the MCARC member who makes the most points on the Sunday of Field Day.

Rules: Member of MCARC. Total points in any one or mixed categories.  One point for each contact made inside K3LR.  Two Points for each contact made outside in the Tent area.  Three Points for each Contact made with 10 Watts or less.  Operators are responsible for submitting their own score. 

Do You know the way to K 3 L R

Mercer County Amateur Radio Club Field Day at K3LR.  44 Elliot Road, West Middlesex, PA

MCARC Membership and Renewal

Full Membership  - $30
Family Membership - $40
Student Membership - $10
Click HERE to buy
Clicking on the PayPal button will give you the option to use PayPal or your own Credit Card.

Your Membership makes possible the operation and maintenance of the W3LIF repeater sites. - The Loan of Amateur Equipment - Voice and vote at meetings  - Field Day Lunch and Sunday Breakfast. - The W3LIF Annual Picnic - Helps to off set the W3LIF Christmas Party Venu. Support Your Club.

Field Day Photos

Click HERE to view THIS IS HAM RADIO are you interested in Amateur Radio?
Click HERE to view Techniques to WAS & DXCC presented by Anthony Luscre, K8ZT
Click HERE to view the PDF presentation from Tim, K3LR entitled Radio Wave Propagation
Click HERE to view the PDF presentation from Mike, NR3C entitled ARES, RACES, ACS
Click HERE to view the PDF presentation from Cory Gibson, W3CDG entitled NVIS, Near Vertical Incident Skywave antennas
Special Service Club

Amateur Radio has so much to offer and as a MCARC member we want you to "own-it" as an ARRL Special Service Club (SSC). MCARC is recognized as a positive force to improve the visibility of Amateur Radio in the community, to assist in emergencies, to encourage training and to provide activities for the betterment of the membership and the Amateur Radio Service. The Club thanks all its members and what you do to become a ARRL Special Service Club. Lets keep moving forward in making Amateur Radio a positive force in our community.

Amateur Radio Exam:
Regular testing on the 2nd Saturday of the odd numbered month. July 13, 2019 @ 10:00am.  Testing Location at McGonigle's 1615 E State St, Hermitage, PA 16148.
Walk-ins are welcome. There is a $15.00 testing fee due the day of the examination.

Anyone seeking a modification in testing procedures must contact VE Liaison Mike Varga, NR3C, prior to the exam session and provide him with a written doctor's excuse explaining the need for the modification requested.

Contact for confirmation and additional information.
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