Nov 5th


This is a first for me....

For the first time in my adult life, I’m actually for a political candidate.
In this case, one of the scruffiest candidates we’ve had in recent history. Sure, like most Americans, I’ve voted, but usually for the lesser of evils in races between insiders. Like George Bush, who was sincere, but so inept that he thought a Muslim country would embrace Jeffersonian Democracy despite over 1,000 years of history to the contrary.
As a novelist, I’m much more “wired in” to geopolitics these days. People are calling my books “political thrillers.” My scary stories keep turning real.

I’m over-saturated with sources and concerned about the myriad threats America is facing. The characters in my books fight evil to save what they love. They kill the bad guys. I write the Hero's Journey. Good wins. Evil is thwarted. In the real world, not so much.
For over a year now I’ve been asked who I support for President. My answer was, “Not Bush, and I hope they run Hillary.” It happened. Be careful what you wish for!
Free speech is under attack. I had a major Internet firm refuse to accept advertising for my novels. They said, “We are unable to approve your ad if it advocates a specific political ideology or promotes a specific candidate. Such content may be in the form of an image, a symbol or text.” That claim was admitted to be false, but there were other problems. I stopped using them.
I’m going to speak out. I’m declaring for Trump.
Why now? Do you care? You should.

It’s use it or lose it, so far as the 1st Amendment. We live in Orwellian times, where #psyops and #propaganda overpowers truth. The media is part of the radical left’s spin machine. The polls are rigged, the media is corrupted, and #VoterFraud is on the near horizon, zombies and all.
What moved me to go public? Several reasons. Here are four.
Reason # 1 -The top writer in my genre, Brad Thor, was close to Glenn Beck and had a solid #NeverTrump position. He changed. Why? He said he picked Trump because of two facts:
  • Hillary would destroy America.
  • Trump might destroy America.
Brad is correct.

Reason # 2  - Then there are the evangelicals, kindly folks who are deeply moral and religious. They get very upset about Trump’s past “loose cannon” comments, like the recent #TrumpTape. So here’s another fact – 70% of evangelicals support Trump!

Why? This is biblical. In story after story in the Bible, God picked deeply flawed leaders to save their people. From Moses on, that’s been the pattern.

It’s also been the pattern of Western history. Churchill and Patton were deeply flawed. George Washington was of high moral character, but only a miracle let him and our ragtag forces prevail against George III and England.

Reason #3 - America has survived poor leaders in the past. We've survived.
That's now over.

Americans have come to assume that our Constitutional Checks and Balances will always save us, but no longer. Out checks and balances are all but gone, and, with them, the rule of law. Congress passes onerous laws that don't apply to its members. Ruling elites are above the law.

Obama has run roughshod over a feckless Republican Congress for eight years. Corruption is widespread in both parties, in the courts, and in the media. Our next President will pick the Scalia replacement, plus another 2-3 seats on the Supreme Court. Already 70% of the Appellant courts have been stacked with "activist" judges by Obama and a feckless Republican Senate.

Reason # 4 - The last reason to support Trump came to me from Dinesh D’Souza. He said, “Aristotle ranked courage highest among the virtues—Trump has it; most Republicans don't.”

He’s right. We need a Churchill, but must choose between Hillary or Trump. The next President must prevail against his own party, the Hillary Campaign, the Obama Administration, big donors, foreign governments, the UN, and a legacy news media that resembles those of Hitler or Stalin.

“This election will determine whether we remain a free country in the truest sense of the word or we become a corrupt banana republic controlled by large donors and foreign governments.”

OK, so that’s where I am. Do with it what you will.

For the #NeverTrump bunch, the Bernie voters, libertarians, and those who want a more reasoned argument for why only Trump can save America, try this, the Flight 93 election. Link.

For those who favor videos, try this one: Link.

Thank you for reading and feel free to pass this along. My novels are doing well. They are up on Amazon and will remain there, available though all of Amazon's channels. Amazon is the the largest bookseller, but it is NOT the only bookseller. My efforts now are to get ALL my books available in ALL channels and ALL formats.

Raven's Run and Raven's Redemption are already released in all the E-book channels. You can find them on iBooks, Barnes and Noble, on the Kobo, and on all the other E-Book platforms. That is some 60 channels worldwide and perhaps a dozen different platforms.

By Christmas, all my novels will be available as E-Books in all the channels and on all the platforms.

By early next year, you'll see my paper books rolling out in all formats in all the channels, starting with the Raven's series. My existing books will remain on Amazon and Hard Cover versions will be added. There will be both Hard Cover and Soft Cover versions in all channels.

Audio books are planned. The first one that will be tested is Raven's Run.

Reception to my novels has been excellent, especially the Raven's series. All the reviews on Amazon, so far, are 5.0/5. Thank you, dear readers!

Good luck to us all, and may God Bless America.


John D. Trudel

P.S.  I give media interviews and have an Author’s Website, Amazon Author’s pages in key Western Countries, and a blog. I have a presence for my novels on social media, from Facebook, to Twitter, Linked In, an RSS feed, etc.

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