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Friends, Colleagues, and Fans,

First, let me wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Something has changed: My novels are getting a lot more attention.

I owe that to you, my readers. Thank you for your interest and support.

I'm still hoping to have Raven's Redemption out this month. There is about a 50/50 chance. I take full responsibility for any delay. A lot has been going on, some of which you'll see reflected in this note.

While I cannot offer "special prices" for selected readers, I can discount 
Raven's Redemption for a time. When it comes out, I'll notify you by email. In thanks for your support, for 5 days I'll set the price for the Kindle version to $1.99, a 66% savings.



Raven's Run continues to get solid 5-star reviews on Amazon. Here is a recent editorial review, and here is some information about how it overlaps and mirrors today's reality.

Here is my Amazon review of a must read book for 2016, Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates. It's a quick read. If you like it, send a copy to your representatives in Washington. This is important forgotten history that all Americans should know.


My Freedom Writers blog contains a mix of "real world" and "Thriller novel" information. It has been getting interest from all over the world.

The most popular posts there surround the advance of radical Islam and the threat posed by an Iran with Nukes. The theme of my novels overlap these topics.

My last newsletter included the 12/2 SOCAL radio interview that I gave during San Bernardino, the largest terrorist attack on our homeland since 9/11. (Link -- my part starts 26 minutes in. Put the dot in the center of the bar, and you're close.)

This attack was red, raw jihad -- carried out by cold blooded killers with body armor, IEDs, foreign connections, and funding. The jihadists were part of a larger terrorist cell with a support network and years of planning behind them. This one was officially labeled as a terrorist attack, but only because the FBI Director defied Obama and declared it so.

It’s the only domestic terrorist attack to have been admitted under Obama.

There is a greater and a lesser jihad in Islam. Both are equally important. A short discussion of this is in the back of Raven’s Redemption.

The lesser jihad (Jihad al-Asghar) applies to Non-Muslims, to infidels like me and most Americans. This has not been declared overall, but about 10% of the 1.7 billion Muslims are jihadists. America is not at war with Islam, but Radical Islam is ascendant, unleashed and inflamed by the Arab Spring.

These some 170 million jihadists are at war with Western Civilization, especially America and Israel. We call them Islamic terrorists, as do most Muslims.

How many jihadists are here in America? How many terrorist attacks are we suffering?

Ann Coulter recently wrote, “During fiscal years 2009 to 2013, the Obama administration has imported 680,000 immigrants from Muslim-majority countries. In that same time period, the government accepted approximately 12 immigrants from the British Isles.”

  • Obama is promising to import a large number of Muslim “refugees” The low number quoted is 10,000 and the high number is in excess of 100,000. Let’s use a figure of 50,000 more before Obama’s term ends. We have no idea how many of these are jihadists. We do know that ISIS is infiltrating the refugees as part of an effective strategy called Hijrah, migration jihad.
  • Some statistics: There are about 3 million Muslims in America today. Let's divide them up hypothetically into three groups: jihadists (300,000), moderates (2.4 million), and apostates (300,000). The jihadists preach and use violence to spread Sharia. The moderates are willing to use only persuasion and proselytization to spread Sharia. The apostates are those who have been westernized and don't care all that much about religious dictates. Apostate Muslims represent no threat to America.
  • In addition, the Obama Administration recently reported in testimony to Congress that it had lost track of at least 9,500 known terrorists. They were to be deported, but were released here and then vanished.

Cross check: The FBI reports 1,000 active investigations and known ISIS cells in all 50 states.  If you assume that the average cell is six (as in San Bernardino), and that the FBI (which missed the Boston Bombers, the Fort Hood killer, etc.) is tracking 10% of the active Islamic terrorists here, you get a number of 60,000 active threats.

Conclusion:  It is reasonable to assume that we have at least 25,000 jihadists (and perhaps many more) in America with terrorist connections and the desire and means to attack and kill us. This number is growing, and Americans are being recruited.

We have a large and growing army of active Islamic terrorists in place on our homeland. Some 60-70% of Americans are concerned about this, but the Obama Administration denies it is a problem. Obama even denies jihad is part of Islam.

With so many active terrorists, we should be seeing a lot of attacks. We are, but they are small (so far) and the official number, save San Bernardino, is zero. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

Obama’s stated policy is to silence free speech to defend Islam. Since San Bernardino, the Obama DOJ has been threatening legal action against critics of Islam. Essentially this is putting Sharia law, where criticism of Islam is a crime, over our 1st Amendment.

Fort Hood (11/5/2009) wasn't officially an act of terrorism—though the killer was chanting Allahu Akbar as he murdered soldiers in a gun-free zone. Boston (4/15/2013) also wasn't officially an act of terrorism, it was committed by Muslim jihadists -- refugees, no less -- on terrorist watch lists, but it was just "pressure cooker violence."

Roseburg (10/1/2015) wasn't officially an act of terrorism; it was just gun violence by a white supremacist that turned out to be Black and connected to ISIS. He asked his victims if they were Christian. If yes, he shot them in the head. If no, he shot them in the leg.

ISIS isn't Islamic either. Obama told us so.

The Las Vegas automobile jihad attack (12/21/2015) was by a poster-child, reformed Black druggie "success story" from Oregon (she won a CARE Role Model award) who had allegedly turned her life around, and then, poof, vanished. Until she showed up homeless, stoned, and rolling.  She was chanting Allahu Akbar as she deliberately drove through a crowd repeatedly, killing one and injuring at least 35, according to witnesses.

They didn't charge her as a terrorist. They don’t even call it an attack. They did charge her with murder.

In similar manner we have Chattanooga (7/20/2015) where a Muslim targeted recruiting offices. A knife-wielding Muslim on 12/03/2015 stabbed 5 people at the University of California in Merced, CA, before being shot by police. A Muslim convert beheaded a co-worker in Oklahoma (10/6/2014). None of these were deemed terrorist attacks. There have, no doubt, been many more.

The percentage of Americans who say the terrorists are currently winning the war against the U.S. is at its highest level since September 11, 2001. The government still says, “If you see something, say something.” But its actions are to deny jihad exists and punish those who say otherwise.

The neighbors in San Bernardino had noticed jihadist activity, but were afraid to report it for fear they would be labeled racists. “See something, say something, and be charged with a hate crime.”

Until we name Islamic jihad, terrorism, as our enemy (Bush, for all his faults, did in 2005), we will face constant terrorist attacks in our Homeland and all over the world.

The present administration is unwilling to do this. 2016 is a critical year for America, because of Islamic terrorism and because the Obama Administration is at war with the First and Second Amendments.

Note: There are also major public health risks associated with importing aliens without quarantine or health checks, especially from Syria. See this link.


"2016 will be the most significant year in our lifetimes.  It will finally decide, once and for all, what kind of country we want and will become.  Do we return to the principles that made the United States the greatest country on earth, or do we forsake the truth for a lie?  What kind of country will you leave to your children and grandchildren?"

-- Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.) and Stand Up America.


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                                    Sincerely Yours,  John D. Trudel

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