Updates, Inbox and a Giveaway.

I know, I know.. I've been really quiet lately. Last time I sent out an email was about 3 weeks ago and I apologies for that. But while things were quiet on the email side of things, they surely weren't on the projects I've been working on.

What I've been up to

During the past month I launched two new products, shared 2 new blog posts and started working on a cool new guide that I'm sure you'll like (more on that next time). I've also done tons of changes to my two main websites in order to improve user experience and features.

- Video Templates

The two new products I released are video templates for helping people promote and boost both their product sales and brand awareness.

These types of animated videos have proven to be widely popular among consumers and do a great job at getting the message out in a fast, unique and compelling way.

The first product is called Motion Lines, and it's a perfect explainer video template for promoting your product or service.

The second product (released yesterday) is called Qoogle Promotion, and it's perfect for promoting your app, product or business - if you're a freelancer or small business owner, you'll love it.

Editing both templates requires a software called Adobe After Effects --- if you're unfamiliar with it but still do want to use one of the templates just let me know - I'll help you out.

- Blog Posts

Life is busy, it's a fact. But keeping your schedule organized doesn't have to be such a pain or difficult thing to do. After reading this next post you'll have no more excuses - Best Ways to Utilize Google Calendar for Productivity.

If you travel a lot, have friends who don't speak English, or even if you want to learn your own language better, this post is for you - 8 Hidden Google Translate Features.

Insider Tip - Inbox by Gmail

A few weeks ago Google released a new tool called Inbox by Gmail - "the inbox that works for you". Their statement was that this product will revolutionize and forever change the way we handle email. Quite a bold statement (to say the least).

My first impressions were - it's a great looking app and the concept is cool, but it will never replace Gmail for me.

Guess what 
happened? I fell in love.

After using Inbox for a few days in a row, it hit me! This is the new form of Email. I actually enjoyed Inbox so much that eventually it found its way to my phone's home screen - Yes, instead of the Gmail app icon!

So why did it take so long? Because I had it all mixed up. After all these years of using Gmail I had my mind set on my approach towards email and the way it should work. But Inbox has a totally different approach with is much better and makes way more sense.

- Why is Inbox so great?

Inbox approaches your emails as a to do list. Think about it this way - each new email is basically added to your to do list and in order to get through your to do list each day (i.e. reach "Inbox zero") you have three options: mark the email as done, snooze it for later, or pin it.

I like comparing pinning emails in Inbox to marking emails as unread or starred in Gmail, but way better. Unlike marking an email - which you have actually already read, as "unread" to remind yourself to take action - pinning an email makes it visible on the app's home screen until you deal with it, i.e. mark it as done (or snooze for later).

Inbox is also great with grouping similar emails together (similar to the category tabs in Gmail), but again - it's done in a much more intuitive way using Bundles. Bundles help both remove the clutter from your inbox, and make more sense of your incoming emails.

To sum it all up - Inbox by Gmail (apposed to my initial thoughts) completely transformed the way I handle Email. But it does have one flaw, which isn't huge and I'm sure it will be fixed soon, but it does unfortunately force me to jump back into Gmail occasionally. I'll share more about that in my full review which will hopefully be complete by the end of the week (I'll send a quick note when it's out).

Insiders Giveaway - 5 inbox invites

After all that talk about Inbox, don't you feel like trying it out? I would :) Thing is, at the moment Inbox is based on an invite-only system which means you need someone who already has Inbox to invite you to try it out.

Hmm... Who might you know who has Inbox and is willing to give out an invite?

Just kidding ;) Even though I've been using Inbox for a few weeks already, I kept all my invites for you guys, which means I have 5 Inbox invites to give out!

The first 5 people to reply to this email and ask for an invite, will get one right away. All the rest who won't make it on time, I'm truly sorry. I wish I had more invites to give out but that's all I got from Inbox. But don't worry - if I get more after this bunch I'll be sure to let you know!

- Daniel

P.S. when replying to this email be sure to let me know if there's anything specific you'd like me to write about in my next posts - a Google product you'd like to know more about, how explainer videos can boost product sales, "best ways to" post... I'm open for ideas! And of course don't forget that I'm here if you need help editing the templates or anything else you have in mind.

In fact, even if you don't want an invite to Inbox or have anything special to say, hit the reply button now and say Hi. I'd love to meet and connect with you.

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