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August 2021


Sadly, August hasn't been a carefree summer month – the number of corona cases is on the rise again, Belarus has exploited thousands of people in its power play, the Taliban victory in Afghanistan...

But it still has some good news in store – a digital rights and data protection lawyer started working at the Center. Get to know our new colleague Mari-Liis in the first news of the weekly! We also share a handbook on diversity management and a new chapter about hate crimes and hate speech that have been produced during summer. A lot to explore! So, enjoy the newsletter, eat plums, go mushrooming, take a walk in a bog and embrace autumn.

Mari-Liis, the Center's new lawyer: “I like to care”

We are very happy and excited that Mari-Liis Vähi, a lawyer in the field of digital rights and data protection, has joined Estonian Human Rights Centre.

Mari-Liis is grateful that by working at the Center, she contributes to human rights and the creation of a fairer and more caring Estonia. "I like to care – that means I like to do what I care about and care about what I do. A greater, broader value to society and humanity is something that makes me act and go an extra mile," she said. Mari-Liis is also certain that digital rights and data protection are important in protecting human rights.

Welcome to the team, dear Mari-Liis!

A guide for employers on diversity management in times of crisis has been completed

Organisations that continue contributing to diversity and inclusion will be better able to cope with difficulties and recover from various crises. The corona crisis has highlighted social inequalities and exacerbated the situation of people in socio-economic difficulties. For employers, this time has been a place to rethink values ​​and working principles.

In cooperation with partners, the center produced a handbook on diversity management in times of crisis for employers who want to support their team and look for solutions on how to better prepare for future crises.

New chapter added to the human rights guide – "Hate crimes and hate speech"

We all have the right to live a life free of hatred. Unfortunately, both hate speech and hate crime are everyday phenomena that incite or justify intolerance and violence against certain groups, such as people with disabilities or refugees. The new chapter in the Human Rights Guide explains how to recognise hate crimes and speech, and what our rights are when we fall victim to hatred.

The Human Rights Guide is an educational platform for everyone, created in collaboration with the Center and project partners, so that each of us knows what human rights are. The guide explains human rights by topic; provides assistance in understanding human rights in different situations and, if necessary, filing a complaint; provides references to relevant laws, institutions and other useful information.

Let's help the people in need! ❤️

The Lithuanian Red Cross is asking for help to support thousands of asylum seekers who have arrived in the country.
• By making a donation to the Estonian Refugee Council's fund "Helping Lithuania", thanks to you, bed linen, diapers, etc. will reach those in need.
• By donating to Feministeerium, the asylum seekers will receive women's hygiene products.
• Sõbralt Sõbrale supports the asylum seekers with clothing and shoes.

Estonian Refugee Council and MTÜ Mondo call for support for families who came to Estonia from Afghanistan!
• Rent out an apartment!
• Offer a job!
• Support mental health and make a donation to the Estonian Refugee Council "Mental Health Fund"!
We need your help. Don't look away!
Your donation can help a same-sex couple win their equal treatment case through courts, it can help an asylum seeker get proper legal aid, or help us
monitor what is going on in Estonia.

But most of all, your donation allows us to be independent from state funding and have real and immediate impact on the ground.
If you do not donate, then who will?
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