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With a desktop computer, there are so many ways that you can customize it to make it fit your needs and preferences.

A lot of these accessory options will also work with a laptop, especially if you have a docking station for a business class laptop. 

Multiple Monitors

Having more than one monitor may seem excessive... until try them out for yourself. For my desktop workstation, I usually have two monitors plugged in. It is so much easier to do the kind of work where you are referencing one document or web page and writing in another document. Having two screens just makes that kind of work so much easier. 

If you are a heavy email user, you can always have your email up on one screen and whatever else you happen to do doing on the other screen. 

For most people, I recommend monitors with a 1920x1080 screen resolution. That means there are 1920 pixels across (wide) and 1080 pixels tall. Other screen resolutions can work fine, too, but the 1920x1080 is a sweet spot.

Monitors can have built in cameras for video conferencing and USB hubs to add more USB ports to your computer.

Keyboards and Mice

You don't have to just stick with the keyboard or mouse that came with your computer. There are so many options when it comes to keyboards.

I am writing this on a DAS Keyboard brand mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches and blank keycaps. I really like it... but it may not be what you prefer. 

You can get a huge variety of keyboards, both corded and wireless. I prefer corded, but wireless keyboard and mouse can be a good fit for some people, especially if they prefer not to have the clutter of a cord. I embrace clutter. You should see my desk! Well, maybe I won't share that. But I do prefer wired keyboards for my own use. 

Mice also have a great variety of options. For a basic USB mouse, the HP, Lenovo and Dell brands are fine. I also like Logitech, especially for wireless mice. You can choose your preferred color and size. 

A wireless mouse is often a good addition to a laptop. You don't have to be stuck using the laptop's touchpad if you don't enjoy using it. 

If you really do like using a touchpad, even on a desktop, Logitech makes a wireless touchpad you can connect to any kind of computer. 

There are also so many options for printers. My preference and recommendation for most people is a black and white (monochrome) laser printer connected with a USB cable. This has proven to be the most reliable kind of printer and printer connection. I hear from people almost every week who are having trouble with wireless printer connections. 

Expansion Cards

Desktop computers that have expansion card slots, both full height and low profile, can have a huge variety off add-in cards. The most common of these is a graphics card that can be used for gaming or types of graphics work like video editing and Computer Aided Design (CAD). 

Expansion cards can also add ports that didn't come with your computer. If you need an old school serial or parallel port, those can be added with an expansion card. If you want a new USB-C type port on an older computer, that can also be added. 

So many options!

There's so much you can do with a computer. You don't have to be limited to what came with it. You can add to it and customize it to your needs and preferences. 

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