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I often see confusion and get questions about Microsoft's software offerings, such as "Will your refurbished computers come with Windows?"

Yes, Windows 10 is an option with the majority of refurbished computers I sell and is the default operating system for most models. What some people mean by that question, though, is "Does the computer come with Microsoft Office?". Microsoft sells many different kinds of software, with the best known being their office suite, which includes Microsoft Word for documents and Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets.

I do not include Microsoft Office on the computers I sell because that is a separate software product that Microsoft sells and is not included with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Instead, I include a free office suite that can read and write most Microsoft Office documents. It is called LibreOffice.

It is available as a free download from their website:

So you can download and install it on Windows, Mac and Linux computers free of charge. That's something great to know about if you have a computer and someone sends you a Word document with the .docx file extension and you don't have any software on your computer to open it. Just download and install LibreOffice and you'll be able to open that file.

There are helpful guides to each part of the LibreOffice suite available as printed books, online documentation and downloadable PDFs on their website:

I used it frequently and I know that there are large local area businesses who also use it for their business computers.

Feel free to pass that info on to people you know who may occasionally need to view or edit documents, but wouldn't want to purchase Microsoft's office suite.


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